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Responding to Prof. Kmiec's lament over "right-wing" Catholic bloggers, an astute commenter at Mark Shea's blog wrote:

Bill Donohue issues his "open letter" calling Obama to task for having a "Catholic Outreach" made up entirely of radically pro-abortion Catholics. They, in turn, reply with an "open letter" calling Bill Donohue a hypocrite, saying that he's being anti-Catholic by criticizing them, and saying that they support Obama because he supports artificial contraception, and that is the best way to opposite abortions(!)

In the midst of that milieu, some guy I've never heard of--and I've been following pro-life news since I was a kid--named Doug Kmiec publicly endorses Obama as the guy Catholics should vote for. Then he's denied communion by a priest or deacon at a university or Legatus mass, depending upon which article you read. He publishes an article on *that*, and becomes an instant celebrity.

People talk about his "pro-life credentials" like he's Fr. Pavone or Joe Scheidler or somebody, when his "pro-life credentials" mostly amount to working for Ronald Reagan, the president who nominated some of the most pro-abortion S.C. justices of the last 20 years and fired Pat Buchanan for being too pro-life.

Those of us who say that the Communion-denier was right because his articles constitute a public endorsement of Obama which is separate from his individual private vote were called "hotheads".

Then he becomes the "Obama Catholic posterboy" in lieu of Ted Kennedy.

Raymond Burke, the "rogue bishop" hated by the left, is promoted to one of the highest disciplinary offices in the Church and then says that the Democrat Party is demonic. Suddenly, bishops get backbones and start really speaking out on abortion and voting for the first time in 35 blood-drenched years.

The Catholic Left proposes Kmiec as a potential Vatican ambassador. An anonymous priest at the Vatican diplomatic office says that Kmiec is considered a "traitor" by Archbishop Burke, Cardinal Stafford, Carl Anderson and the "backbone" laity in the US.

Now, Kmiec says that Catholic bloggers are hurting relations between Obama and the Vatican. Uh-huh.
Yep, that pretty much encapsulates the entire drama thus far.

For those who would like to chronicle the events by reading my own take on the matter, I have digested below my Kmiec posts over the past year from most recent to least recent.

January 2009
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December 2008
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November 2008
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October 2008
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September 2008
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August 2008
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July 2008
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June 2008
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Unrequited Love

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Doug Kmiec Soon To Be Sorely Disappointed

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May 2008
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April 2008
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March 2008
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February 2008
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Ramesh Ponnuru on Douglas Kmiec and "Catholic Reaganites for Obama" [UPDATED]

Romney Advisor Says Obama "a Natural for the Catholic Vote"

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