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Darwin Catholic: "Douglas Kmiec, Master of Dissembling" [UPDATED]

Darwin Catholic takes on the latest sophistry from our favorite "conservative" Catholic legal scholar:

Most of us (outside of the set of "conservative legal scholars") had never heard of Professor Douglas Kmiec ... until the Romney campaign, which he had been working for, ran aground and he became "the conservative legal scholar who has endorsed Barack Obama". Perhaps realizing that fame is fleeting, and that short of the highly unlikely event of a judicial appointment from a President Obama (which would seem next to impossible, given that Kmiec lists his favorite Supreme Court justice as Clarance Thomas -- whom Obama considers manifestly unqualified to be on the court) he will never be heard of again after this election, Kmiec now seems unwilling to cede the dubious notariety that he has earned for himself. Thus, he has an interview in today's New York Times, which is in turn a promotion for the book he has coming out in two week, which is about (wait for it...) how Obama is a great candidate for Catholics to support.

Catholics are, all accusations to the contrary, people too. And far be it from me to suggest that there is some sort of monolithic "Catholic line" one must take to voting. We are, as Catholic, obliged to vote in a manner that will, to the best of our understanding, help society. Because there is much reasonable room for debate over just what is good for society, Catholics may most certainly disagree about who in any given election (this one included) is the best choice.

So it's not that Prof. Kmiec supports Obama that I object to. It's that he attempts to insist that some of Obama's positions are good and moral which are obviously not, at least if one accepts Catholic moral teachings. High among these is the issue of abortion. Obama insists that while a "grave matter" and an "agonizing moral situation" abortion is an fundamental right which must be protected, funded, and readily available at all times. This is clearly and absolutely wrong from a Catholic moral perspective.

Now it is possible (I personally think very difficult, but still theoretically possible) that there might be circumstances in which one might argue that the president at this time has little ability to affect the legality of abortion in this country, and that there are other factors which are more important in a given election. However, Kmiec does not attempt to make that argument. Instead of arguing that there are other good things Obama that outweigh his support for abortion (or bad things about his opponent that make Obama a better choice) Kmiec wants to argue that Obama is a better pick specifically in regards to pro-life issues.

It's a bad argument, and he makes it badly...

[Read the whole thing]
(emphasis added)

My Comments:
Darwin does a fine job of describing what has been my chief objection to Prof. Kmiec's arguments on behalf of Sen. Obama all along - that Kmiec tries to baptize Obama's horrific position on abortion and make it the Catholic position, or at least one that Catholic voters should support. Excellent work, Darwin!

And better yet, it saves me the hassle of having to read Kmiec's piece in The Times and having to dissect it myself. Lord knows, I've wasted too many keystrokes on Kmiec as it is.

Besides, my real hope is that Cardinal Egan will read Kmiec's piece in The Times and/or his book and feel the need to respond as he did to Mayor Giuliani's reception of Communion during the Papal Visit and to Speaker Pelosi's dabbling in Patristic Theology on "Meet the Press".

Then again, perhaps Prof. Kmiec is such a small fish that he doesn't merit that sort of response.

UPDATE (2 September)
The Cranky Conservative asks the inevitable question of Prof. Kmiec: "Have you no decency left?"

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