Monday, March 03, 2008

"No'bama for Me, Thanks"

(Hat tip: Christopher Blosser at Catholics in the Public Square)

Maclin Horton of Caelum et Terra explains why, despite the fact that "in many ways [he] would like to support Obama", he won't be voting for Obama in November:
... But I can't support a candidate who is committed to the most hard-line interpretation of the Democratic Party's "pro-choice" doctrine. Yes, I know, the president has very limited power to do anything about abortion or the whole complex of questions that boil down to whether or not we think human life is sacred. And obviously the Republicans have not done very much. It's not that I think the number of abortions will go down under a Republican and up under a Democrat.

It's a question of the long-term, and specifically of the Supreme Court. There is at least a decent chance that a Republican would nominate a justice who believes that human life is sacred and/or that the Constitution does not imply a right to abortion (or euthanasia, etc.). There is a near-zero chance that a Democrat would.

Ramesh Ponnuru wrote a book a couple of years ago called The Party of Death. I haven't read it, but from what I've read about it, the title was a mistake. Ponnuru is a pro-life Republican, and the title was taken to refer to the Democrats, and so the subsequent debate fell out entirely on party lines. But Ponnuru insisted that wasn't what he meant, that he meant the title to refer to the general body of opinion that holds human life to be something which we can begin, end, or modify as we see fit. Whatever the merits or demerits of his book, Ponnuru is surely right on that score. The Democratic party in general, and Obama in particular, are totally committed to those views. Obama's rhetoric about unification appears to be no more than that where these questions are concerned. His view is one that pro-lifers have heard for decades now: opposition to the anti-life agenda is divisive; unity and civility dictate that pro-lifers shut up and go away...

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(emphasis added)

My Comments:
BINGO! Maclin notes the same thing about Obama's "unity" schtick and how the rhetoric doesn't match up to the reality when it comes to the issue of abortion that I've blogged about here, here, and here.

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