Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Professor Bainbridge: "Will Catholic Reaganites Go for Obama?"

(Hat tip: Tertium Quid at From Burke to Kirk and Beyond ...)

Professor Bainbridge gets his shots in at Professor Kmiec's assertion that Obama is a "natural for the Catholic vote", and, in doing so, lists the sort of qualities/policies that might actually make one a "Catholic natural":
  • Rejects moral relativism
  • Supports the separation of church and state, but also believes that religion has a proper place in the public square
  • Subsidiarity is the candidate’s guiding principle on questions of the role of the government
  • Supports a ban on abortion
  • Supports a ban on embryonic stem cell research and cloning
  • Opposes the death penalty absent very unusual circumstances unlikely to arise in modern society
  • Believes that while the resort to military force is permissible when the circumstances allow a just war, peace is the default choice
  • Rejects the secular utopianism that claims humans can perfect themselves, while acknowledging that all must seek to work out their own salvation
  • Rejects socialism’s command and control of the economy, but also believes in the preferential option for the poor
  • Believes in private property, but also in the right of society to address market failures
  • Believes workers have a right to form unions
  • Believes that government has a role in assuring that society collectively acts as good stewards of creation

  • [Read the whole thing]
    My Comments:
    Looks to me like Professor Bainbridge's "Catholic natural" construct is a fairly close description of the sort of candidate we might have had if Sam Brownback had been able to catch fire.

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