Thursday, October 02, 2008

Debate Over at Amy's: Should Catholics Work for Legal Restrictions on Abortion?

Following up on yesterday's outstanding post on the work of the pro-life / anti-abortion movement, Amy Welborn posits a resolution that is sure to generate debate:
The discussion of the post below is veering, quite naturally, to the subject of Roe and the place of legal restrictions on abortion in the pro-life movement.

So, we might as well go ahead and go there. I have company drifting in over the next few hours, so I really am not in the proper frame of mind to compose a post, so I’ll be lazy and just throw this out there:

The anti-abortion movement should abandon any attempts to overturn Roe v. Wade or even work for legal restrictions on abortion. That battle has been lost. Further, it is not required, from the standpoint of Catholic teaching, to work towards criminalization of or restrictions on abortion.
This one ought to be good. My own thoughts on the subject can be read here and here. Be sure to check in over at Amy's every so often to read the comments.

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