Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Experiments on Shroud of Turin Date it to 1st Century A.D.

Vatican Insider reports:
New scientific experiments carried out at the University of Padua have apparently confirmed that the Shroud Turin can be dated back to the 1st century AD. This makes its compatible with the tradition which claims that the cloth with the image of the crucified man imprinted on it is the very one Jesus’ body was wrapped in when he was taken off the cross. The news will be published in a book by Giulio Fanti, professor of mechanical and thermal measurement at the University of Padua’s Engineering Faculty, and journalist Saverio Gaeta, out tomorrow. “Il Mistero della Sindone” (The Mystery of the Shroud) is edited by Rizzoli (240 pp, 18 Euro).
Whether the Shroud is an elaborate hoax, someone else's burial cloth, or the burial cloth of Christ, has no bearing on my faith.

That said, and for the record, since the days of my youth (dating back before I became Catholic when I was growing up Southern Baptist) I have believed the Shroud to be exactly what it has long been purported to be - the cloth in which Jesus was buried - and that the image on the Shroud is that of the Lord.

Call me gullible, but so help me, I do believe it.

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At 3/27/2013 5:34 PM, Blogger Fred Forrett said...

I can't get past the carbon 14 dating?

Some say they made a mistake others say no way.

I wonder what the new evidence is exactly.

At 4/07/2013 11:39 PM, Blogger man with desire said...

There are various opinions and researches of the shroud of Turin. Some people say that it is the genuine and some that it is the fake and the hoax. The fact is that the shroud of Turin doesn't present Jesus of the Bible. If we can find even one evidence, which disprove the shroud of Turin theory, so the whole story shall be invalidated. We can find a large number of evidence from the Bible, which show that the shroud of Turin cannot be the shroud of the Lord Jesus.


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