Saturday, February 11, 2006

Mention of Shroud Absent From Turin Olympics Opening Ceremonies

During last night's opening ceremonies for the Turin Olympics, there was much discussion of Turin's historical significance - from the birthplace of the modern-day Italian state to it's role in the rebuilding of Italy following World War II. But, surprisingly, not one mention of Turin's most significant historical treasure - the Shroud of Turin.

However, during the ceremonies, I detected a hint of anti-Catholicism coming from Bob Costas, who stated that the contributions of the Italian Renaisannce and Baroque periods brought Europe out of the "darkness of the Medieval period". Maybe I was reading too much into it, but that's how Sarah and I both interpreted that statement.


At 2/11/2006 11:22 AM, Blogger Jeff Miller said...

And as R.C. at Catholic Light said

"It was bad enough when the pro-abortion celebrity Susan Sarandon was appointed to carry the Olympic flag in along with several other women activists from various countries. Then Peter Gabriel sang John Lennon's atheist anthem, "Imagine". What kind of appeal to peace is this, that suggests the world would be better off without God our Father who makes us brothers? Have Europeans already forgotten that we just got through a century in which militant atheists (Mao, Stalin) and pagans (Hitler) staged the worst crimes in the history of man? Foolishness!"

At 2/11/2006 1:42 PM, Blogger Fidei Defensor said...

The opening cermonies in failing to give in the slightest nod to the true Catholic history of Italy were basicaly just a giant void oppulent post modern eyesore. Why did the Holy Father even bother to bless the torch?

John Lennon has always rubbed me the wrong way ever since I saw footage of him in the movie forest gump. His song "Imagine" is probably one of the worst ever written.


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