Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Differences Are Clear ...

... between Virgil Goode and the two major-party liberals he's running against:

Fight the Goode Fight!
Vote Virgil Goode for President.

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dear Pro Lifers ...

Virgil Goode... the ONLY 100% Pro-Life 2012 Presidential Candidate running on the ticket of the only 100% Pro-Life (anti-abortion with NO EXCEPTIONS) political party in the country..

(With all due respect to Ron Paul, who is also pro-life and still running in the GOP race, but is highly unlikely to win that party's nomination.)

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Congressman Destroys Sebelius on HHS Mandate and "Appropriate Balance" for Religious Liberty

Gowdy has provided not only a roadmap for whoever argues the case before the Supreme Court, but elicited about the best piece of evidence one could possibly ask for showing that the HHS didn't do its due diligence in considering the appropriate balancing of religious liberty interests.

The HHS mandate is pretty much doomed once it gets to the Supreme Court. When it comes to "striking the appropriate balance" between the fundamental right to religious liberty and some purported government regulatory interest, as Justice Roberts wrote recently in the Hosanna-Tabor case, "the First Amendment has struck the balance for us ."

By the way, I just found out that Congressman Gowdy is a Baylor graduate. Couple that with RG3 being the #2 pick in the NFL draft, and it's YET ANOTHER big day for Baylor.

Sic 'Em Bears !!!

You know what the best part about this entire exchange is? That the words "contraception" and "women's health" NEVER ONCE came up. And that's because this issue isn't about those things - it's about whether the government is permitted to burden religious liberty by demanding activity that violates the fundamental tenets of that religion.

What Congressman Gowdy has done here is to focus on the LEGAL and CONSTITUTIONAL issues at stake, and whether Sebelius and the HHS gave due consideration (or any consideration at all) to what the LAW requires in order to burden a fundamental right like religious liberty. And Sebelius basically conceded that she and the HHS did not. Great work, Congressman!

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Don't Vote for "Lesser" Evil... Vote for Goode

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Reject the Obama-Romney Ticket - Vote Virgil Goode for President

Obamney/Robama in their own words:


There's barely a dime's worth of difference between Obama and Romney, and NEITHER will fight for the principles and priorities that are most important to you.

Don't get stuck choosing between the alleged lesser of two evils. You have a REAL choice, if only you'll escape from the two-party box in which the Republicans think they have trapped you into voting for whoever they nominate just because the other guy is allegedly worse.

 Vote for someone who shares your values, priorities, and political philosophy.

Vote for the only candidate with a 100% pro-life voting record running under the banner of the only 100%-without-exception-pro-life party.

Vote for Constitution Party nominee
Virgil Goode!!!

Fight the Goode Fight!!!

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Digest of Today's Posts (22 April 2012)


Constitution Party Nominee Virgil Goode Hopes to Attract Ron Paul Voters

Virgil Goode Hopes to Attract Ron Paul Voters:
Virgil Goode just won the Presidential nomination of the Constitution Party, but he’s already reaching out to other voting groups. In this exclusive interview with Uncovered Politics, he says he will be reaching out to Ron Paul supporters.

The low-key ex-Rocky Mount lawmaker, who belonged to Rep. Ron Paul’s study group as a member of the U.S. House — “never missing a meeting,” he said proudly — hopes to appeal to the Texas congressman’s supporters once the Republican national convention in Tampa Bay concludes later this summer. “I hope some of Ron Paul’s supporters come to us,” he said...

Former Virginia Congressman Virgil Goode Wins Constitution Party Nomination for President

My friend Virgil Goode is now officially the Constitution Party nominee for President of these United States:
Former U.S. Rep. Virgil Goode of Rocky Mount secured the Constitution Party's nomination for president at the party's convention Saturday in Nashville, Tenn.
Goode was one of six candidates vying for the spot. He won on the first round of balloting with 203 votes, with 202 votes needed to receive the nomination.

Goode served 24 years in the Virginia Senate — making headlines when he helped parlay a power-sharing agreement between Democrats and Republicans after the 1995 elections left it evenly split. He was elected to Congress in 1996, succeeding L.F. Payne. Goode left the Democratic Party to become an independent before the 2000 election and then joined the Republican Party ahead of the 2002 election. Goode was unseated in 2008 by Democrat Tom Perriello.

Goode is the first presidential nominee for the Constitution Party to hold a federally elected office, said Mitch Turner, chairman of the Constitution Party of Virginia. Goode's records, experience and positions will be "a stark contrast" to the other candidates and will bring in voters who otherwise might not have come to the polls, Turner said.

Goode said he plans to attract voters such as Democrats who are dissatisfied with President Barack Obama and Republicans who don't align with presumptive nominee Mitt Romney's policy positions.

"Romney's and Obama's positions are not all that different. There's not much distinction," Goode said. "My position would be significantly different from either of them."


The Constitution Party was on the ballot in 37 states in the 2008 presidential race, receiving 0.15 percent of the popular vote. The Constitution Party likely won't be on the ballot in every state this November because of stringent requirements in states such as North Carolina and Texas, Goode said, but it has volunteers working to secure spots in as many states as possible.

"This is not just a run to get a message out. We are going to be on enough state ballots to be seriously competitive in the election," Turner said.

Goode has already secured a spot on the ballot in 15 states, including Florida, Ohio and Colorado. In order to qualify for Virginia's ballot, Goode will need 10,000 signatures from across the state, including 400 from each congressional district...

The Constitution Party is the only 100% pro-life party (against abortion without exception) in the United States.

Please consider supporting Virgil Goode for President rather than that fraud Mitt Romney.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Official Endorsement Time: Virgil Goode for President

Well, it appears as if Willard Mitt Romney (aka Dullard Flip Rino) has all but wrapped up the GOP nomination for President. His coronation at the convention is inevitable. What is NOT inevitable is conservatives having to vote for someone who they don't like, who they don't trust, and who doesn't share their values, principles, or philosophy, simply because his is allegedly the lesser of two evils. There is always the option of voting 3rd party.

That is why tonight I am officially endorsing former Congressman and current Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode Jr. for President of the United States. I encourage all disaffected conservatives who now feel alienated from the GOP to join me in supporting a true conservative who takes the Constitution seriously. Vote Virgil Goode.

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Romney and His People Are Truly Contemptuous of Social Conservatives

How many more instances like this must we be treated to before those social conservatives who plan to fall into line and vote for Dullard Flip Rino because ... well ... we JUST HAVE to ... wake up to the fact that the GOP has, via the nominee it has chosen, decided you are no longer welcome?

Follow my lead and DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, vote for Mitt Romney. There ARE alternatives. Vote 3rd party. Don't buy into the lesser of two evils spin coming from the major parties.

Vote your conscience. Vote your values. Don't vote for Rockefeller RINOs like Romney.

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Monday, April 02, 2012

More on Virgil Goode for President

I caught up with Virgil Goode over the weekend, after having not seen him in about a decade, at the Constitution Party Presidential Debate in Lansing, Michigan. Here are some photos of that event (along with a photo of some Goode for President campaign buttons I've collected over the last few weeks):

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Virgil Goode: Mr. Independent

Is Virgil Goode Running for President?

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