Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Digest of Today's Posts (10 September 2008)

  • S.C. Dem Chair: Gov. Palin's Primary Qualification is She Hasn't Had an Abortion

  • Fidelis Debuts

  • Michael Gerson: "Trig's Breakthrough" [UPDATED - Canadian Doctors Group Worried Palin Example Will Lower Down's Abortion Rate, and Another Heartwarmer; also Photo Added (11 Sept.)]

  • Palin Has Obama, Democrats Off Balance and Struggling to Connect with Blue Collar Voters; Hillary in No Mood to Help

  • Mark Shea on "Why I Think it's All Over for Obama"

  • On Pit Bulls and Pigs ... Lipstick as an Election Issue? [UPDATED]

  • Sarah Palin Artwork

  • (Digest of Yesterday's Posts (9 September 2008))

    Highlights from yesterday:
  • Insipid: Sen. Biden Questions the Depth of Gov. Palin's Commitment to Special Needs Children, Pointing to Her Lack of Support for ESCR
  • Pontius Pilate Voted "Present"
  • U.S. Catholic Bishops: "You Can't Reduce Abortions by Promoting Abortions"
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