Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mark Shea on "Why I Think it's All Over for Obama"

Mark Shea thinks the Obama Campaign has already lost this election, but nevertheless offers them this bit of advice:
... So: keep it up Team Obama. You're cracking up and you don't know what to do. I'll tell you what not to do: stop attacking Palin and her family. Get your mind off her fecundity, her kids, especially the disabled one who fills you with shame for your bloody advocacy of his extermination. Try to focus on the issues. Ignore the guilt you feel for 40 years of fanatical zeal for putting kids like him to death and pressuring women like her to kill him. Beat down the voice of your conscience while you yammer something about "integrity". Ignore the compulsion to call her a Pig in Lipstick. Muscle down the revulsion/shame/hate and fear that you feel when the damn kid who should have been killed in any truly hygenic society is loved by another member of that disgusting swarming brood of breeders. Be cool. Keep it together...
(emphasis added)

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