Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Digest of Today's Posts (9 September 2008)

  • USCCB Responds to Sen. Biden

  • Insipid: Sen. Biden Questions the Depth of Gov. Palin's Commitment to Special Needs Children, Pointing to Her Lack of Support for ESCR

  • Pontius Pilate Voted "Present"

  • American Papist: "Biden Skips Mass Where New Bishop Speak Out Against Him"

  • U.S. Catholic Bishops: "You Can't Reduce Abortions by Promoting Abortions"

  • Brownback Urges Catholic "Whole Life View" for GOP

  • Vatican Official: Palin "Dream" for Pro-Lifers

  • (Digest of Yesterday's Posts (8 September 2008))

    Highlights from yesterday:
  • Humor: Fr. Pfleger on Gov. Palin
  • Gov. Sarah Palin: "To Serve the Common Good"
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