Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Pontius Pilate Voted "Present"


This "Pilate was the Governor, Jesus was a community organizer" meme is monumentally stupid on so many levels, not the least of which is that it demonstrates a total lack of Biblical literacy. Pilate merely voted "present."
Ah yes, the man who couldn't decide what to do with Our Lord, and therefore "washed his hands" of the whole thing. Maybe it was a decision that was "above his pay grade".

Theologically illiterate liberals can't even figure out that Pontius Pilate could be Sen. Obama's patron saint. And my question from the other day remains: Between Gov. Palin and Sen. Obama, which do you think would be more likely to utter the question "What is truth?"

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At 9/09/2008 3:59 PM, Blogger Donald R. McClarey said...

And stay for the answer.

At 9/09/2008 5:03 PM, Blogger matthew archbold said...

Good point.

At 9/09/2008 5:59 PM, Blogger Jeff Miller said...

I have seen some stupid biblical meme's from the Democrats such as "The Holy Family was Homeless", or Pelosi's non-biblical biblical quote, but this one is the dumbest.

First off don't they realize they already have a problem with equating Obama with Jesus? Plus calling Jesus a community organizer in the first place is wrong on so many levels.

But you nail it with your Pilate remark. Though the Democratic party has much more in common with King Herod and the murder of the innocents.


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