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Obama Calls Those Who Oppose Same-Sex "Marriage" in California "Divisive and Discriminatory" [UPDATED]

(Hat tip: Opinionated Catholic)

Oppose judicial imposition of so-called same-sex "marriage"? According to Sen. Obama, that makes you a bigot. Prof. Francis Beckwith has the details:

... As Cardinal Ratzinger put it:
In those situations where homosexual unions have been legally recognized or have been given the legal status and rights belonging to marriage, clear and emphatic opposition is a duty. One must refrain from any kind of formal cooperation in the enactment or application of such gravely unjust laws and, as far as possible, from material cooperation on the level of their application. In this area, everyone can exercise the right to conscientious objection. (emphases added)
Thus, according to Senator Obama, if you are a faithful Catholic who embraces her Christian duty to advance the common good in the state of California, you are a bigot.


Guess I'm not the only one trapped in a "culture war paradigm":

Bishop: ‘Culture wars’ far from over

ORLANDO (CNA) - In a Sunday newspaper commentary Thomas Wenski, the Bishop of Orlando, Florida decried the California Supreme Court’s decision to overturn a ban on same sex marriage, saying the act of “raw judicial activism” reminds us that “society’s culture wars are far from over.”

Writing in the Ocala Star Banner, Bishop Wenski said advocates of homosexual marriage erroneously label their opponents as intolerant bigots.
[ED.: Note to Sen. Obama - this means you.] “To defend marriage as a monogamous union between one man and one woman is not bigotry,” Bishop Wenski wrote. “Nor are the efforts of those who seek to enshrine in state or federal constitutions the ‘traditional’ understanding of marriage intolerant.” [ED.: In other words, those in California seeking to overturn the judicial imposition of same-sex "marriage" are NOT "divisive and discriminatory".]

Bishop Wenski also addressed those who tolerate homosexual acts they believe are immoral and sinful as long as they are kept private. These people, he said, “do not invoke the coercive power of the state” to change homosexuals but instead “they might invite the person who experiences same-sex attractions to conversion and, in place of behavior viewed as sinful, propose chastity.”

The bishop accused proponents of same-sex marriage of “imposing their views and lifestyle on the larger populace” by redefining marriage to include same-sex unions. “Once legal the state's coercive power will punish those who refuse to embrace gay marriages,”
[ED.: Yep.] Bishop Wenski warned.

He said that under a legal regime that permits homosexual marriage, public officials will be obliged to officiate at same-sex “weddings,” public schools will be required to teach children homosexual marriages’ acceptability regardless of their parents’ disapproval, and even First Amendment freedoms could face legal assault.

Bishop Wenski said marriage “has been primarily about the raising of children, who seem to be hardwired to be best raised by a father and a mother who are married to each other.” He also noted the state’s legitimate interest in favoring traditional marriages to help upcoming generations flourish.

He characterized the “culture wars” as a conflict about “the understanding of man and his relationship to truth and reality.”

(emphasis and editorial commentary added)

My Comments:
What we have here is a Catholic Bishop issuing a head-on rebuttal of Obama's position regarding the issue of same-sex "marriage" and those who oppose it. And Bishop Wenski can hardly be considered one of the more "conservative" Bishops.

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At 7/03/2008 5:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sure Professor Kmiec will do his best to square this circle also.

At 7/03/2008 12:14 PM, Blogger Flexo said...

clear and emphatic opposition is a duty

Emphatic opposition? That hardly describes John McCain's reaction. Go out on a spring night and listen to the crickets -- that's what we've received from McCain.

At 7/03/2008 12:39 PM, Blogger Jay Anderson said...

"Emphatic opposition? That hardly describes John McCain's reaction."

I won't argue with you there.

At the same time, though, at least he's not pushing for same-sex unions and calling those who disagree with him "divisive", "discriminatory", or "bigoted".

At least not yet. We all know McCain has used such terms in the past in reference to conservatives when it comes to other issues.

At 7/03/2008 1:33 PM, Blogger Darwin said...


Well, of course, one may have some minor disagreement's with Obama's position on gay marraige -- but surely his other policies could be imagined to reduce the actual incidence of gay marriage, perhaps through a unique and symphonic chorus of individual creative acts with the hearts and bowels of numberous citizens.

So really, even though Obama might appear to favor gay marriage, the people who are above politics and truly love marriage will recognize that supporting him is actually the best choice.


At 7/03/2008 7:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"perhaps through a unique and symphonic chorus of individual creative acts with the hearts and bowels of numberous citizens."

Careful Darwin or Gerald Campbell will be suing you for copyright infringement!

At 7/03/2008 8:01 PM, Blogger Tito Edwards said...

That would make the Pope a bigot according to Obama.


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