Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Same-Sex "Marriage" and the Persecution of Civil Society

Jennifer Roback Morse, senior fellow in economics at the Acton Institute and the author of Love and Economics: It Takes a Family to Raise a Village, writes in the June 8-14 issue of National Catholic Register:

... Legalizing same-sex “marriage” is not a stand-alone policy, independent of all the other activities of the state. Once governments assert that same-sex unions are the equivalent of marriage, those governments must defend and enforce a whole host of other social changes.

Unfortunately, these government-enforced changes conflict with a wide array of ordinary liberties, including religious freedom and ordinary private property rights.

It began with the persecution of Catholic Charities in Boston. The archdiocese eventually closed down its adoption program, because the state of Massachusetts insisted that every adoption agency in the state must allow same-sex couples to adopt.

Recently, a Methodist organization in New Jersey lost part of its tax-exempt status because it refused to allow two lesbian couples to use their facility for a civil union ceremony. In Quebec, a Mennonite school was informed that it must conform to the official provincial curriculum, which includes teaching homosexuality as an acceptable alternative lifestyle.

At last report, the Mennonites were considering leaving the province rather than permit the imposition of the state-sponsored curriculum on their children.

And recently, a wedding photographer in New Mexico faces a hearing with the state’s Human Rights Commission because she declined the business of a lesbian couple. She didn’t want to take photos of their commitment ceremony.

The underlying pattern is unmistakable. Legalizing same-sex “marriage” has brought in its wake state regulation of other parts of society. The problem is sometimes presented as an issue of religious freedom, and so, in part, it is. But the issue runs deeper than religious freedom.

In her essay in The Meaning of Marriage, Seana Sugrue argues that the state must coddle and protect same-sex “marriage” in ways that opposite-sex marriage does not require.

Precisely because same-sex unions are not the same as opposite-sex marriage, the state must intervene to make people believe (or at least make them act as if they believe) that the two types of unions are equivalent.

Public schools in California are soon going to be required to be “gay friendly.” A doctor has been sued because she didn’t want to perform an artificial insemination on a lesbian couple. A private school is in trouble for disciplining two female students for kissing. All in the name of supporting the rights of same-sex couples to “equality” with straight couples.

(emphasis added)

My Comments:
Because the state must prop up same-sex "marriage" in order to sustain it, and because the state has the power to do so at the end of a gun, and because the Church is the most powerful moral force standing against complete societal acceptance of the "equality" of same-sex unions, and because those pushing this departure from the traditional understanding of the familial relationship seem to truck no dissent from their agenda, my own belief is that this issue will inevitably drive us toward an ultimate showdown between Church and state.

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At 6/04/2008 3:33 PM, Blogger Tito Edwards said...

The overlapping areas of jurisprudence will certainly bring about an ugly conflict that many (probably most) Catholics havent' realized just yet.

The Church will certainly win in the end, but at what cost? Will the we, ie, the Catholic Church in America, have to sell our retreat centers and other non-liturgical use buildings? Will we have to close our parochial school system? We may have to abondon formal links with Rome and become the Autocephalous Catholic Church in America, such as the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia did during the Cold War?

With Massachusetts and now California legalizing 'gay marriage' we certainly are going down that slippery slope that Robert Bork mentioned many years ago.


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