Thursday, January 10, 2008

EWTN Documentary 2008 - "Walsingham: England's Nazareth"

Image Source: Catholic Mom of 10

On 20 January, EWTN will be showing a one-hour documentary about pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham, titled "Walsingham: England's Nazareth":
The latest one-hour documentary about Walsingham and pilgrimage was made by EWTN during 2007 and will be shown on its channels for the first time on Sunday January 20th.
"The Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham in Norfolk, England has been a place of pilgrimage since medieval times, when travel to Rome and Compostella was virtually impossible. Though destroyed during the Reformation, it was eventually restored, and is now England's National Shrine of Our Lady for both Roman Catholics and Anglicans. In this beautiful documentary especially made for EWTN, Joanna Bogle describes in detail the various stages of Walsingham's history and the special graces found in this holy place of pilgrimage."
The above description of the documentary comes from the Europe programme schedule - the descriptions on the UK and other countries' and continents' listings vary. There are different schedules for UK/Ireland and for Europe, but both can be received in the UK.

To find the timetables:

-Go to the EWTN Programme Schedules by clicking here.
-Choose your continent (note that UK/Ireland has its own listing separate from Europe)
- Scroll down to the "January Special Programming" or "January Specials" line and click
- Look for 20 January [1/20/2008]

The UK showings are expected to be on:
Sunday 20 January at 7 pm
Tuesday 22 January at 8 am
Wednesday 23 January at 3 pm
Saturday 26 January at 3 am

The Europe showings are expected to be on:
Sunday 20 January at 4 pm European time (UK 3 pm)
Tuesday 22 January at 11 am (UK 10 am)
Wednesday 23 January at 4 am (UK 3 am)

The North American showing (and for viewing live on computer) is expected to be on:
Sunday 20 January at 10 pm US Eastern Time
(Monday 21 January UK 3 am)

(Hat tip: Medieval Saints Yahoo Group)

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