Friday, July 16, 2010

Fighting for the Catholic Restoration

At Ethika Politika, Shaun Kenney writes:
Let’s face it. It’s tough being a Catholic in today’s political climate.

While traditionally in the parliamentary West there have been outlets for a Catholic polity, the American system of governance gives the Catholic voter a one-two punch.

Not only do Catholic ideas struggle in a predominantly Protestant and now virtually laicized culture, the major parties — and their respective ideologies — command such loyalty that often party affiliation meets the caricature religious affiliation used to require. Secondly, the requirements for regimentation within party structures are so rigid, that room for distinction or nuance bleeds away quickly.

How, then, can a Catholic remain true to their faith? Republicans such as Glenn Beck attack the very nature of social justice. Democrats fare no better, forgetting that all social justice begins with the right to exist. No third party in America represents the Catholic voter. Is a Catholic left to compromise their faith for the sake of an ideological fanaticism?


Religion in the public square gets a bum rap. Believe in any other -ism you please, just don’t make that -ism Catholicism! Right?

This isn’t to say that Catholics should boil down their faith to place it on par with political ideologies. Catholics should be very keen to remember that we live a faith, profess a faith, and defend a faith.

Such a distinction is something our adversaries cannot claim, but constantly try to corrupt. You hear of ‘progressive’ Catholics, or ‘conservative’ Catholics, or ‘traditional’ Catholics. Note the emphasis even when it’s read — once again the -ism attempts to suffocate the very identity of Catholic.


Why must one forfeit their conservative credentials if — as a Catholic — we stand fast to the Catechism and fight to end the death penalty, give preferential treatment to the poor, and to support a just immigration policy?

Why must one forfeit their liberal credentials if — as a Catholic — we stand fast to the Magisterium and support marriage, stand firm on the principle of subsidiarity, and yes — unapologetically demand an end to abortion.

The answer?

Stop being a conservative. Stop being a liberal…and start being a Catholic...

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