Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Time for Yet Another Periodic Reminder to the GOP Power Brokers and Pundits ...

... I WILL NOT under ANY circumstances EVER vote for this fraud:
... Romney’s book is notable for its silences. The 2008 candidate who worked hard to convince religious conservatives of their shared passion for social issues devotes just two cursory paragraphs to abortion, makes only incidental reference to gun rights, and refers to gay marriage in the most cryptic terms possible. His “case for American greatness,’’ as his book’s subtitle puts it, has little to do with morality...
One HotAir blogger spins it this way:
... when he was asked today on “The View” who he thought might be a formidable candidate in 2012, he singled out Bob McDonnell, who won the governor’s seat in Virginia last year by running a sort of proto-Romney campaign — socially conservative, yes, but verrry quiet about it compared to his meat-and-potatoes rhetoric about jobs. That’ll be the upshot of Mitt ‘12 too, the “non-ideological conservative” versus whoever emerges as the ideological darling.
The difference is that Bob McDonnell has the pro-life social conservative bona fides that enable him to pivot toward a focus on fiscal and economic issues without arousing suspicion; Mitt Romney most assuredly does not. EVERYONE in Virginia knew where McDonnell - a conservative, pro-life Catholic - stood on social issues. And if they didn't know before the election, The Washington Post made damned sure the voters knew what a "backward-looking, anti-woman theocon" McDonnell was by the time election day rolled around. McDonnell didn't need to prove to social conservatives that he is one of us because he's been there with us all along and everyone knows it.

THIS, however, represents Mitt Romney's social issues bona fides:

THIS represents the REAL Mitt Romney, not the fraud pretending to be a conservative in order to win the GOP nomination for President. I mean, the guy tried to "outleft" The Swimmer, for pity's sake, even distancing himself from Ronald Reagan's record as President, claiming to have been "an independent during the time of Reagan-Bush" and promising not to "return to Reagan-Bush".

No chance I'm voting for this fraud for dogcatcher, much less President of the United States.

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