Monday, February 04, 2008

The Anchoress: "Convince Me of the Merits of Mitt"

Yeah, what she said:
... It is significant to me that no one is telling me why I SHOULD vote for Romney. No one is telling me how great he is, and giving me a reason to want to vote for him. They’re just telling me “McCain is bad!”

So, I’m asking:

How is Romney “good?” Why should I vote for him?

When I look at Romney I see a smart businessman who will probably be good on taxes. But I also see a guy who only became “pro-life” when it became politically expedient to do so. I see a guy who only clearly supported “the surge” after it became a success. I see a guy who is
still flip-flopping on the second amendment. I see a guy who has a blandness to him that will be eaten alive by either Obama’s stunning charisma and energy, or by Hillary’s machine - I don’t believe he can actually win the White House.

This is what I am seeing in the candidate who the “true conservatives” are telling me is the “best” representation of conservative values.

What are Romney’s positives? Has he demonstrated, somewhere, a quality of enormous personal resolve that tells me I can count on him to nominate
constitutionalist justices to the SCOTUS without folding when the Dems breathe hard? Has he shown a commitment to the troops that makes me believe he is a qualified CIC who will make his troops his first priority?

What does Romney passionately stand for, besides getting Romney into the White House? I do not see tremendous commitment to anything besides Mitt.

So, I’m asking respectfully - all you Suddenly Romney! fans - convince me: tell me why I should vote for Mitt “and like it,” and do it without using the words “John McCain.”

(emphasis in original)

My Comments:
Then again, someone is going to need to convince me of the merits of McCain, as well.

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At 2/05/2008 2:27 PM, Anonymous northern ox said...

"Then again, someone is going to need to convince me of the merits of McCain, as well."

Um ... he's been on the right side of at least some of the life issues, albeit quietly, for longer than five minutes?


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