Monday, March 08, 2010

Mark Stricherz: "You Can’t Hate Bart Stupak"

Mark Stricherz writes about the charm and strength of character that make it difficult for Rep. Bart Stupak's political adversaries to dislike him:
... Bart Stupak is an exception to this rule. Hating the Michigan Democrat is all but impossible. Scan the blogosphere and media about Stupak, and you find that nobody has come up with a real criticism of the man.

Oh sure, hating everything other than his personality and character is possible. His anti-abortion amendment is hated. His power is hated. His religion is hated. His political choice to fight this pro-life battle instead of others is hated — well, disliked. But he is not hated.

What’s to hate? He’s straightforward. He’s principled. He’s not vainglorious. His life story, that of a cop turned politician, is admirable and sympathetic. He’s what key members of Congress were before the advent of the Internet: He isn’t the issue; his legislation is.


Stupak’s critics should admit the obvious: He’s a man of charm and good character. His virtues don’t make him a charismatic leader, policy genius, or adroit bureaucratic infighter. He’s not the next Wilbur Mills or Henry Waxman. He’s more like Harry Truman, Hubert Humphrey, or Jack Kemp. His personal virtues insulate him from the politics of personal destruction. If he were unlikable or had a moral defect, his power and influence would likely erode. Instead, he is the man who may cause the Democrats’ latest health-care reform effort to go down in flames.
My Comments:
Maybe Rep. Stupak should run against President Obama for the Democratic nomination in 2012?

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