Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Democrats Reveal Priorities: Universal Abortion Trumps Universal Health Coverage

Matthew Archbold writes at Creative Minority Report:
I've always wondered what was more important to secularist liberals, abortion or socialism. Sure, the two seem to be linked but when it comes down to it, which one, I wondered, was the principal which liberals would cling to no matter what.

And this week gave me my answer. The Senate Democrats needed 60 votes to pass healthcare but Senators Ben Nelson and Joe Lieberman stood in the way for different reasons, presenting the White House and Senate leadership with a choice. Lieberman swore he wouldn't vote for a public option while Nelson said he couldn't vote for public funding of abortion.

And this week, Harry Reid did what seemed unthinkable just a month ago. He told Lieberman that they would take out the public option out of the healthcare bill. It's telling that the Democrats in the White House and the Senate surrendered the public option before they were willing to take abortion out.

Let's remember, the whole point of this healthcare bill and the main focus of Barack Obama's first year in the Presidency was the public option. And they just gave it away so that they wouldn't have to take out federal funding of abortion.

So in short, while liberals say that they believe that everyone is entitled to healthcare even at taxpayer expense what they really mean is that everyone is entitled to an abortion at taxpayer expense. They have proven with their actions that abortion is the bedrock principal of the Democratic Party.

But is anyone really surprised by this? I knew the answer all along. After all, abortion is the unholy "sacrament" of the Democratic Party. And, as Nina Burleigh reminded us over a decade ago, the party's base will forgive any number of departures from left-liberal orthodoxy as long as the party remains faithful in its devotion to said "sacrament".

And, yes, they'll even sacrifice long-held social welfare principles such as publicly funded health care on that high altar of abortion. Moloch must be appeased.

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At 12/20/2009 11:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not surprising. We might be advising Catholic clients about civil disobedience.


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