Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bishop of Memphis Implies 80 of His Brother Bishops - Including at Least 2 Cardinals - Are "Racist"

It is a shame to see how, even in the Church, the race card is played indiscriminately and without regard to the truth, but especially so when it comes from those in a position of authority who ought to know better:
... Some racism still exists, [Bishop J. Terry Steib of the Diocese of Memphis] said, and cited the recent furor in Catholic circles over the honorary degree awarded by Notre Dame University to Obama, who supports abortion on demand.

Other presidents have had disagreements with the positions of the Catholic Church, for example, in war policies and capital punishment, but have received honorary degrees without similar objection, he noted.

It is the subtle racism that still exists which contributes to the lack of priestly vocations among young black men because “it leads to a mistrust of the Church among young black men and women,” he said. “Let’s acknowledge that.” ...
I think it's best if I just keep my thoughts on this one to myself.

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