Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Notre Dame's President Jenkins: "We Are Tremendously Proud" to be Acting in Defiance of the US Catholic Bishops

I'm really beginning to dislike this guy, Jenkins:
SOUTH BEND, Indiana, April 21, 2009 (LifeSiteNews.com) - University of Notre Dame president Fr. John Jenkins heaped fuel on the fire yesterday by gushing that President Obama's highly controversial platform at the school's commencement would be a "tremendous event" for Notre Dame.

"This is a tremendous event for us. We're tremendously proud [to be acting in defiance of the U.S. Catholic Bishops and their directives contained in 'Catholics in Public Life']," said the Notre Dame president. "President Obama clearly could have chosen any university in the country to give a commencement address, and they would have been just delighted to have him, but he's coming to Notre Dame, and we're exceptionally proud [to have been looked upon with favor by The One, and are thrilled to aid him in his ongoing efforts to divide and conquer Catholics by creating an alternative 'Magisterium' to that of the Bishops]."

Here's a list of Catholic Bishops (including Bishop D'Arcy of Fort Wayne-South Bend, USCCB President Cardinal George of Chicago, and my own Bishop Blair of Toledo) who have, to date, denounced Jenkins and Notre Dame for honoring Obama:

1. Bishop John D'Arcy - Fort Wayne-South Bend, IN
2. Bishop Samuel Aquila - Fargo, ND
3. Bishop Gregory Aymond - Austin, TX
4. Bishop Gerald Barbarito - Palm Beach, FL
5. Bishop Leonard Blair - Toledo, OH
6. Archbishop Daniel Buechlein - Indianapolis, IN
7. Bishop Robert Baker - Birmingham, AL
8. Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz - Lincoln, NE
9. Archbishop Eusebius Beltran - Oklahoma City, OK
10. Auxiliary Bishop Oscar CantĂș - San Antonio, TX
11. Bishop Paul Coakley - Salina, KS
12. Cardinal Daniel DiNardo - Houston, TX
13. Archbishop Timothy Dolan - New York, NY
14. Bishop Thomas Doran - Rockford, IL
15. Auxiliary Bishop John Dougherty - Scranton, PA
16. Bishop Robert Finn - Kansas City-St. Joseph, MO
17. Cardinal Francis George - Chicago, IL; President, USCCB
18. Bishop Gerald Gettelfinger - Evansville, IN
19. Archbishop José Gomez - San Antonio, TX
20. Bishop William Higi - Lafayette, IN
21. Archbishop Alfred Hughs - New Orleans, LA
22. Bishop Joseph Latino - Jackson, MS
23. Bishop Jerome Listecki - La Crosse, WI
24. Bishop William E. Lori - Bridgeport, CT
25. Bishop George Lucas - Springfield, IL
26. Bishop Robert Lynch - St. Petersburg, FL
27. Bishop Joseph Martino - Scranton, PA
28. Bishop Charles Morlino - Madison, WI
29. Bishop George Murry - Youngstown, OH
30. Archbishop John J. Myers - Newark, NJ
31. Bishop R. Walker Nickless - Sioux City, IA
32. Archbishop John C. Nienstedt - St. Paul-Minneapolis, MN
33. Archbishop Edwin O'Brien - Baltimore, MD
34. Bishop Thomas Olmsted - Phoenix, AZ
35. Archbishop Daniel E. Pilarczyk - Cincinnati, OH
36. Bishop Kevin Rhoades - Harrisburg, PA
37. Bishop Alexander Sample - Marquette, MI
38. Bishop Edward J. Slattery - Tulsa, OK
39. Bishop Richard Stika - Knoxville, TN
40. Bishop Anthony Taylor - Little Rock, AR
41. Bishop Robert Vasa - Baker, OR
42. Bishop Thomas Wenski - Orlando, FL

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At 4/21/2009 8:30 PM, Blogger Fra Giles Mary Christopher said...

Who are you quoting here? Father Jenkins or Judas ???!!!

At 4/21/2009 8:37 PM, Blogger Fra Giles Mary Christopher said...

Oh, by the way, where were all these bishops during the election? Where were they when the babies needed someone to speak out for them then? How many babies will die in the next 20 to 30 years because of Obama's SCOTUS appointments? How many abortions will be paid for by the bishops very own tax dollars in China and throughout the world because they chose to hide in the basement and wet their pants rather than take a moral stand when it counted the most!!!???

Too little too late, I'm afraid!!!

But then again, once Peter got over the shame of denying Christ three times, his shame gave him the "Red Badge of Courage" to finally become a real man, a real leader, a real Christian!!!!

At 4/21/2009 10:39 PM, Blogger Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

Father Jenkins is proud. Proud.

The Extraordinary Wife reminds us of what follows pride.

At 4/22/2009 7:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"President Obama clearly could have chosen any university in the country to give a commencement address, and they would have been just delighted to have him,..."

Uhhh ... I don't think so Jenkins. There ARE some real Catholic colleges left. Can you really see - oh let's say, Christendom College, Thomas Aquinas, Ave Maria, FU Steubenville, or a few others being "just delighted" to have him?

At 4/22/2009 8:04 AM, Blogger Jay Anderson said...

I doubt that, in Jenkins' mind, those count as "REAL" universities.

You know, because too much of that Jesus stuff gets in the way of "academic freedom" and "free inquiry".

At 4/22/2009 9:18 AM, Anonymous paul zummo said...

Sadly I do not see Archbishop Donald Wuerl on that list. Even more sadly, I am not surprised.

At 4/22/2009 9:23 AM, Blogger DP said...

Proud to have been (one of three schools) touched by The One, eh?

So, what he's saying is that Notre Dame is the Catholic Arizona State?

Except, of course, ASU managed to *not* award him an honorary degree.

At 4/22/2009 10:06 AM, Anonymous Christine Berger said...

Your university should be proud to have the President Obama speak at your school.
Bishops,Notre Dame, and pro-lifers should stop killing of all kinds not just in the womb. Why not support life by taking on the NRA and stop this needless killing through gun violence! Life is life, in the womb or walking...these are lives.

At 4/22/2009 10:23 AM, Blogger DP said...

Life is life, in the womb or walking...these are lives.Thanks for assuming we don't care about life outside the womb, Christine. Always a fair-minded guess.

At 4/22/2009 12:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some schools are "famous Catholic schools" (e.g. ND, Georgetown, Boston College and too many more) and others are "famous for really being Catholic", (e.g Christendom, Thomas Aquinas, Ave Maria, FU Steubenville and several others). The fact that some would look down their nose at truly Catholic colleges says more about them than about the colleges they look down upon. For some Prestige trumps Fidelity, and for others Fidelity trumps Prestige.

At 4/22/2009 2:29 PM, Blogger DP said...

Oh, and I'd say it's more like 41 and 1/3 bishops: Lynch was pretty tepid in his criticism and was more upset by Notre Dame's critics, which should surprise exactly no one.

At 5/22/2009 4:25 PM, Blogger Fra Giles Mary Christopher said...

Excuse me, Christine? I'm sorry, but when was the last time the NRA killed anyone? I was not aware that they had. Kindly enlighten us!


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