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Obama's Nun: Ignore "Insignificant Details", Pass Health Care Bill Now

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The Catholic Key Blog reports that a Catholic nun who leads a social justice organization apparently agrees with the President (and certain "consistent ethic of life" bloggers) that pro-life worries about federal funding of abortion are a "distraction" from health-care reform efforts:
An Interfaith group called 'We Believe Together - Health Care For All' held a press conference today at the Capitol demanding Congress pass a health care bill NOW. Sister of Social Service Simone Campbell was among them. This from Catholic News Service's report on the conference:
Fear of change, Sister Simone said, is what is holding back members of Congress now. Instead of making a decision many representatives are getting confused by insignificant details, she said.

"Too often in D.C. we can get caught in the details and in the argument," she said.
Anybody with a pulse knows what those "insignificant details" are. The U.S. Bishops have addressed them. Prolife groups have addressed them. Catholic hospitals and health professionals have addressed them. Even 19 Democratic Congressmen have addressed them pointedly to Speaker Pelosi. And Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) has reported that the actual number of Democratic Congressmen who are "holding back" until "insignificant details" are resolved may be 39 or more - enough to kill the bill in the House.

But Sister Simone is the President of 'NETWORK - A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby'. Since its founding 1971 by 47 Catholic sisters, NETWORK has been faithfully avoiding "insignificant details".

According to NETWORK's website those 47 original sisters met to "explore how women religious might speak out as one voice to our federal government on behalf of 'justice for all,'" - except apparently justice for "insignificant details". Since their founding by those 47 women religious, NETWORK, now a much larger, powerful lobby, has managed to completely ignore justice for 47,000,000 "insignificant details".

It's not that NETWORK doesn't care about details. In fact, Network has 17 questions (some multi-part) that voters should be concerned about in health care reform. But not a single word about "insignificant details"...

Here's the cover of NETWORK's latest newsletter.

My friend Rick raises a good point: Why would anyone entrust our health system to people who consider killing off the weakest in society to be "health care"?

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When does the Vatican investigation of religious sisters begin?


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