Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Megalomaniacal Meltdown at Ave Maria...

... a.k.a. don't send your kids to Ave Maria University:
Jesuit Father Joseph Fessio, a close friend of Pope Benedict XVI, and theologian-in-residence at Ave Maria University, was fired from AMU yesterday, after privately (mind you, that's PRIVATELY) expressing criticism over the university's finances.

The good Father's only mistake was crossing a man who thinks money may not buy happiness, but it can get you damn near everything else. Apparently the previous attempt at removing Fessio didn't teach certain people anything.

The American Papist has additional information.

My Comments:
It's schizophrenic stuff like this that led me to recently counsel a young friend to consider attending law school at a secular state institution to which he'd been accepted, despite the full-ride scholarship he'd been offered to attend Ave Maria School of Law.

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At 7/21/2009 4:13 PM, Blogger Michael D. said...

And I feel pretty good about taking that advice today! Geaux Tigers!

This kind of dysfunction is absurd.

At 7/21/2009 8:57 PM, Blogger DP said...

Tom Monaghan: Rule *and* Ruin.

At 7/22/2009 1:15 AM, Anonymous Michele said...

My husband recently received a Masters in Theology from the IPT program run out of Ave Maria. He received an excellent education from the Professors who run this wonderful program. - I realize that sometimes these new Catholic schools have problems but don't you think that the devil wants to go after them because they do so much good.

When Clare Booth Luce was writing in Hollywood - Fulton Sheen asked her in a letter how the devil was doing in Hollywood. She said, 'he was asleep having already accomplished his work there". Obviously, he is not asleep when it comes to trying to wreck very good new endeavors.

I think that we should pray for these schools.

At 7/22/2009 10:44 AM, Blogger DP said...


I'm glad your husband had a good experience with AM, and I agree we need to pray for it.

We also need to pray for Tom Monaghan's conversion of heart and for all of the people he has cast aside, several of which were my old law professors at the University of Detroit, good Catholics all.


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