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Bork Predicts “Terrible Conflict” Will Endanger U.S. Catholics’ Religious Freedom

(Hat tip: Opinionated Catholic)

From Catholic News Agency:
Washington DC, Jan 21, 2009 / 03:19 am (CNA).- Former Supreme Court nominee Judge Robert Bork has predicted that upcoming legal battles will have significant ramifications for religious freedom. He names as issues of major concern the continued freedom of Catholic hospitals to refuse to perform abortions and the likely “terrible conflict” resulting from the advancement of homosexual rights.

“You are going to get Catholic hospitals that are going to be required as a matter of law to perform abortions,” he claimed.

“We are going to see in the near future a terrible conflict between claimed rights of homosexuals and religious freedom… You are going to get Catholic or other groups’ relief services that are going to be required to allow adoption of a child by homosexual couples. We are going to have a real conflict that goes right to the heart of the society.”

Asked whether there was a freedom of conscience clause anywhere in the Constitution that might prohibit the U.S. government from compelling a religious hospital to perform abortions, he replied:

“Well, the free exercise of religion clause might fulfill that role.”

However, Judge Bork was unsure about whether the U.S. Supreme Court would uphold such a right. He predicted the decision would rest with Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, who in some cases sides with liberals and at other times with “originalists,” those who profess to hold a more tradition-minded interpretation of the U.S. Constitution.

“It depends upon Anthony Kennedy,” Judge Bork told CNS. “Now, it’s a funny situation in which the moral life of a nation is in effect decided by one judge, because you have four solid liberal votes, four solid originalist votes, and one vote you can’t predict too accurately in advance.”

Though Justice Kennedy is a Catholic, he sided with the majority who upheld the pro-abortion rights Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade in the 1992 case Planned Parenthood v. Casey.

Judge Bork said that a decision involving the freedom of Catholic hospitals to refuse to perform abortions would split by a 5-4 vote.

“But I don’t know which way,” he added.

See this related story in the current issue of National Catholic Register about "Forced ‘Tolerance’" for same-sex unions and the chilling religious liberty implications thereof:
... “Gay ‘marriage’ advocates seek to get the law to endorse a new moral principle — orientation is just like race,” said Maggie Gallagher, president of the National Organization for Marriage, which was the biggest single financial supporter of California’s Proposition 8 banning same-sex “marriage.” “Once the law endorses this principle, traditional religious communities are going to be treated like racists if we act on and promote our countercultural view [that] there’s something special about unions of husband and wife. Ocean Grove is the tip of a very large iceberg. Take it seriously.”

Experts say Ocean Grove is just one example of religious liberty taking a backseat to promotion of the new societal ideal of nondiscrimination against homosexuals in any possible form.

For example, in 2006, Catholic Charities in the Archdiocese of Boston had to stop its adoption services because the state of Massachusetts, where court-ordered same-sex “marriages” have been performed since 2004, would not allow it to “discriminate” against homosexual couples seeking to adopt. And last year in New Mexico, the New Mexico Civil Rights Commission found a private wedding photography business in Albuquerque run by a Christian husband and wife guilty of “sexual orientation discrimination” for declining to photograph a lesbian commitment ceremony.

One attorney fighting the discrimination charge in Ocean Grove warned of a “real and present threat” to religious liberty.

“On a broader level, what you’re seeing is these nondiscrimination laws that are being turned against Christian people,” said Jim Campbell, an attorney for the Alliance Defense Fund who served as associate counsel representing the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association. “They’re being used against religious organizations to tell them what to do and force them to use their own property in a way that violates their own religious principles, which is a very dangerous road to go down. We’re elevating these sexual relationships to a level that’s trumping one of the fundamental rights in this country — our right to religious liberty and religious freedom.” ...
See also "Phil Ting Attacks Catholic Church In Retaliation For Proposition 8 Support For Marriage Between One Man and One Women".

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