Thursday, January 11, 2007

"A Charter for Suing Christians"

Bad news for freedom of conscience in the U.K.:
Peers crushed attempts last night to block new homosexual rights laws despite fears that they are "a charter for suing Christians".

The House of Lords voted by 199 to 68 to back new regulations banning businesses from discriminating against gays in the provision of goods and services. Lord Tebbit, the veteran Conservative peer, warned that the new rules would leave "perfectly innocent people in fear of legal action from the fanatical wings of the lesbian, homosexual, gay pressure groups".

Campaigning groups, largely made up of Christians opposed to the new rules, will now take their fight to the courts in a judicial review scheduled for March.

Last night, the National Secular Society, which backs the rules, admitted that "the real battle" would be implementing the regime in England and Wales. The regulations, which mirror existing rules on sex and race discrimination, already apply in Northern Ireland but are due to be introduced across the rest of the UK by April.

Details of exactly how they will work in England, Scotland and Wales are expected to be published within weeks. It will almost certainly mean that bed-and-breakfast proprietors would be breaking the law if they refused a gay couple a double room because of their sexual orientation.

A wide range of church leaders and religious groups have condemned the regulations for undermining freedom of religion and conscience. There are also fears that they could have a serious impact on faith schools, charities and adoption agencies.


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