Monday, October 06, 2008

Cardinal O'Malley: Trig Palin the "Star" of This Year's Political Conventions

From The Boston Globe:
... As Catholic bishops ratchet up their antiabortion arguments on the eve of the presidential election, Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley told hundreds of people gathered on Boston Common yesterday that Trig Palin, the child with Down syndrome whom Governor Sarah Palin chose not to abort, was the "star" of the political conventions this year.

"I very seldom get to see any television, but I did watch part of the political conventions, and for me the star of the conventions was Trig Palin, whose mother said that he was 'beautiful' and 'perfect,' " O'Malley said. "And when his little sister used that spit to slick his hair down, I mean, I stood up and applauded."

O'Malley's reference to the 5-month-old child comes in a political season in which the role of the abortion issue for Catholic voters has become more contested than ever...
Meanwhile, Barbara Walters is "bothered" by Trig's presence at last week's debate; and a commentator on FOXNews refers to Trig as "it".

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