Monday, June 30, 2008

A Sad State of Affairs in Richmond

Amy Welborn and Patrick Archbold have additional (and damning) details on the troubling goings on in my former home Diocese of Richmond.

I can only shake my head in sadness ... there were such high hopes that things in Richmond would finally begin moving in the right direction once Bishop DiLorenzo was appointed. And I'm really torn on what should happen next. On the one hand, I agree with David Alexander (aka man with black hat) that Bishop DiLorenzo should probably resign as a matter of honor. On the other hand, his resignation would hand the Sullivanistas (the holdovers from Bishop Sullivan's 30-year tenure who have undermined Bishop DiLorenzo in this and other instances) exactly what they want.

Please pray for Bishop DiLorenzo, the Diocese of Richmond, Catholic Charities, and, above all, the victims of this abortion.

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