Sunday, April 20, 2008

Digest of Weekend's Posts (20 April 2008)

Sunday, 20 April
  • Pope at Yankee Stadium Says Protect Rights of Unborn in Womb

  • "Wafer Wars, Wedge Issues and the Pope’s Visit" [UPDATED]

  • What Regular Guy Paul Wishes the Pope Had Done While Visiting America

  • Thoughts on America by Two Religious Leaders

  • Saturday, 19 April
  • Twice-Divorced, Pro-Abort Rudy Giuliani Receives Communion at Papal Mass

  • How Old IS John McCain?

  • One Year After the Supreme Court’s Partial-Birth-Abortion Ruling

  • Notre Dame's Fr. Jenkins Twisting Pope's Words?

    (Digest of Friday's Posts (18 April 2008))
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