Monday, June 06, 2011

Obama Culture of Death Update™: Kill Babies or I'll Hurt the Poor

So, what does the Planned-Parenthood-loving Obama Administration do when cornered over the issue of public funding of the world's largest abortion provider? They hold the poor hostage, that's what. Go over to National Catholic Register to read Matt Archbold's masterful analogy:
It happens all the time in movies. The snarling bad guy is cornered by the good guys so he grabs some poor hapless victim, puts a gun to their head, and tells everyone to back off or he’ll hurt the poor hapless victim.

Well, believe it or not that’s what’s happening right now between President Obama and pro-lifers. And sorry, but Obama’s the snarling bad guy.


The Obama administration’s Department of Health and Human Services sent a letter to Indiana threatening to withhold billions in federal Medicaid funding for low income people if the state doesn’t agree to fund Planned Parenthood.

Just think about that for a second. Let the horror sink in. Sometimes it takes a few seconds for it to really wash over you.

Got it? Yeah, the Obama administration is saying the federal government will hurt the poor unless Indiana agrees to fund the killing of babies.

[Read the whole thing]
Later on, Matt notes that the Democrat Party isn't really in the business of helping poor people, as its Catholic defenders so often claim in order to justify their incomprehensible support for that organization. No, the Democrat Party is in the business of making sure abortion-on-demand is legal throughout all 9 months of pregnancy, including up to the very moment, during, (and, in the case of our President) after birth. It's their raison d'etre. It's the one issue the Democrats will go to the mat over EVERY TIME.

When Bill Clinton was President, he sold out just about every traditional Democrat constituency possible (from his support for and expansion of the death penalty, to his doctrine of forceful military intervention in world affairs, to his cozying up to Wall Street, to his signing of the Defense of Marriage Act, to his signing of welfare reform, to his signing onto the Republican tax cuts, to you name it). He sold out every traditional Democrat constituency, that is, EXCEPT for the abortion crowd. NOT ONCE did Clinton ever let his abortion allies down, which was especially and extremely evident in his twice vetoing very popular bills to outlaw partial-birth abortion. And, because of that, the feminists were, of course, all to willing to repay him by "getting on their knees" and saving his presidency during the Lewinsky scandal.

As for the most abortion-friendly Administration in history, not only are the Obama Democrats willing to hold the poor hostage to protect Planned Parenthood's public funding, they were also willing to (1) let health care reform die in Congress rather than agree to the Stupak language and (2) shut down the federal government rather than to allow the Pence Amendment defunding Planned Parenthood to be included in the final budget.

For the Democrats, the poor are nothing more than human shields behind whom they (and their Catholic apologists) hide whenever the topic of abortion is brought up.

(Hat tip: Creative Minority Report)

Addendum: By the way, DO NOT come on here and comment with some tu quoque about the Republicans. I am not a member of, and could not give a rat's @$$ about, the Republican Party. They have their own set of problems (including NOT being as willing to go to the mat against abortion as the Democrats are willing to in favor of abortion). This is a post about the Democrats. Defend them, if you can, on the merits, not by deflecting attention away from their egregious support for abortion by pointing out the other side's faults).

This Obama Culture of Death Update™ has been brought to you by Douglas Kmiec, all the fine folks at Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good / Catholics United / Catholic Democrats, and countless other Catholics for whom "Hope" and "Change" trumped LIFE.

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