Monday, November 08, 2010

All the Proof You Need That the GOP Did NOT Get the Message ...

... "After gains, Cornyn likely to stay on as head of NRSC".

So, the guy who backed Charlie Crist (soon-to-be-unemployed RINO-to-"Independent" turncoat and shameless flip-flopper extraordinaire) over Marco Rubio, and who backed Arlen Specter (soon-to-be-unemployed RINO-to-Democrat turncoat) over Pat Toomey, and who sat by and did nothing while Princess Lisa (RINO-to-Write-In turncoat) overtook Joe Miller, gets to keep his job?

Want additional proof that the establishment GOP is completely out of touch? Try this on for size:
"Former Sen. Mel Martinez (R-Fla.) has even floated Cornyn’s name as a promising presidential candidate in 2012."
Idiots. The whole lot of them.

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At 11/08/2010 9:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is nothing new under the sun. These guys seem to forget that they started bailout balls rolling, and initiated the destruction of the middle class, opening wide the gates for a populist leader to ride a white horse of salvation by government intervention into their disgruntled lives. The gall that these people have to keep a vise-grip on the gonads of pro-lifers just because they know the other side is worse makes me ill.

At 11/09/2010 5:46 PM, Blogger Christine the Soccer Mom said...

Eric Cantor's appearance on Fox the other night just ticked me off. She said, "If you can at least get a temporary stay on the tax rates, will you accept that and then work on making them permanent later?" And CANTOR WOULDN'T ANSWER THE FRICKIN QUESTION!!

Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn't be so bad to throw out EVERYONE and stick in a bunch of normal people who have never held any kind of political office before - not even dog catcher - and just start from there. I'm not interested much in experienced people any more as much as I'm interested in REGULAR people. People who have worked a real job sometime recently.


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