Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Archbold Boys Go Off on the GOP [UPDATED]

And I agree with them wholeheartedly. See "I Hate Republicans--A Disgusting FIt of Pique" at Creative Minority Report.

And you can read my solution to the problem in the comments over there, which can be summed up as follows:

They don't support us? Then we don't support them.

Don't miss my friend Don McClarey's post "Electoral Revolt".

I'm not a Rush Limbaugh fan, but he's exactly right in taking the GOP-establishment types, namely Karl Rove, to task for being at war with the grassroots:

Rove, you magnificent bastard!

My gosh, but I despise these people (especially Lindsey Graham, who is particularly insufferable):
... Behind closed doors Wednesday, Republican senators tried to assess the damage. Several senators at the lunch, including Scott Brown of Massachusetts, raised concerns that the party has sent a message that it had no room for moderates, even from left-leaning states, according to people familiar with the exchanges. And others expressed frustration that the GOP had essentially given away a pivotal seat that Castle could have won.


Afterward, DeMint elaborated why he believed Republicans in Washington may not be ready to return to power.

“I was just putting out a question because if the idea is we’ve got to field people who don’t agree with us in order to get the majority, that doesn’t make any sense,” DeMint said in an interview. He later said he believed Republicans “might” not be ready to run the Senate. Asked to respond, Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl of Arizona said the GOP was “absolutely” ready.

While he says he’s standing up for conservative principles, he’s clearly gone against the grain in the tradition-bound Senate.


“This is a classic example of where defeating the most electable conservative candidate would be a bad move — in my view,” said the senior GOP senator from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham, discussing the Delaware race in which he backed Castle. “It’s one thing to purify the party. It’s another thing to build coalitions. Ideological purity has to have some boundaries because the country is fairly center-right, that’s my view.”


DeMint insisted that Castle would have done more harm than good to Republican causes.

“What I hear all across the country is we didn’t do what we said we’re going to do” when Republicans were in the majority, he said. “If we do that again, if we are entrusted with a majority again, even in the House, and we don’t do it, I think what happens is when we have a few that vote with the Obama agenda, it defines the whole Republican Party.”

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The other Senator from South Carolina - Jim DeMint - could not stand in more stark contrast to that pathetic milquetoast, Graham.

It's obvious why Graham and his ilk don't like the riff-raff rising up to overthrow the establishment's hand-picked candidates: he knows his day is coming. But rather than face the reality that the grassroots voters are no longer taking their cues from inside-the-Beltway and adjust his style and priorities accordingly, Graham would rather pout and cry and act as if his crowd has somehow been "wronged" because they lost an election.

Listen, jerk, the voters in the GOP primaries have spoken. You don't like the results? Tough! But it's time you learned that the voters are in charge of who represents us, not those who get elected. You serve at our pleasure; not the other way around. We don't take out marching orders from you; you take them from us (and if you don't, we can arrange for you to seek employment elsewhere).

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