Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Educated Class" Waking Up to Fact That Us "Yokels" Were Right All Along

Chris Buckley, erstwhile offspring of the founder of National Review, has owned up - sort of - to his mistake in supporting Obama in the 2008 elections:
... A year ago, I inspired the nation to have the audacity to hope that I would change the political culture in Washington. Now, a year later, it turns out I’m another hack politician—from Chicago, where, believe you me, we know a thing or two about hack politics.

I was going to set a new standard. Now I’m just a complicit bystander as Harry bribes, among others, a senator from Nebraska who wants his state to get a free pass on Medicare—in return for his vote on a health-care reform bill that would make the Founders weep, or throw up. Or both.

What a difference a year makes. But I’m pleased to report that before I came up here tonight, I was able to sign a contract with my publisher for a new book. I’m going to call it The Audacity of Oops...
In other words, Obama turned out to be just like so many of his detractors said he would.

So, Chris, how is it that all you urbane, sophisticated, intellectual elites in the "educated class" - you, David Brooks, Margaret Noonan, Kathleen Parker, et al - allowed yourselves to be duped by the shallow phoniness of this fraud, only now waking up to the reality of what you helped to create, while all us unedumacated, mouth-breathing, theocracratic, redneck, white-trash riff-raff out here in red-state flyover country saw right through the hope and change and butterflies and s'mores B.S. right from the very beginning?

I don't think your "oops" is quite sufficient to make amends for all the havoc that your "misjudgment" has contributed to bringing about. How about a sincere and abject apology to all of those in the conservative movement and out here in middle America that you disparaged while carrying The One's water? How about an admission that the common sense and good judgment of the red-staters you so despise are far more prescient and trustworthy than your own sense of intellectual superiority?

[sound of crickets chirping]

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