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HotAir's Strange Assessment of the Virginia GOP Electoral Juggernaut [UPDATED]

Leave it to a God-hating, anti-Catholic, self-described "squishy on abortion" libertine like "Allahpundit" to view the results of yesterday's elections and come away with this ludicrous reality-impaired assessment:
One interesting footnote to this race in case you haven’t followed it is that Deeds did his level best to paint the Republican as a hard-right culture warrior while McDonnell, wisely, ran on jobs. Just one more bit of evidence that fiscal conservatism, not social conservatism, is the GOP’s path going forward.

Yes, Governor-elect Bob McDonnell is a fiscal conservative and certainly ran as one during his campaign. But he's also a hard-core social conservative, too, and virtually everybody in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and anyone outside of Virginia who was paying attention to the race, knows it. McDonnell's opponent, Creigh Deeds, and Deeds' cheerleading section at The Washington Post saw to that, making McDonnell's social conservatism - highlighting a dissertation McDonnell wrote in 1989 as a 34-year-old grad student that was critical of mothers working outside the home, argued for preserving the “traditional family” structure, and concluded that “every level of government should statutorily and procedurally prefer married couples over cohabitators, homosexuals or fornicators” - one of the most prominent issues in the campaign. McDonnell didn't need to highlight his social conservative bona fides (although his views on those issues are every bit as prominently displayed on his campaign website as are his fiscal and economic policy positions) because his opponent was doing that for him.

In addition, Attorney General-elect Ken Cuccinelli is also a hard-core social conservative. And everybody in Virginia knows that, as well.

That fact didn't seem to hurt either McDonnell or Cuccinelli - both devout pro-life Catholics - one bit (and certainly helped them among the significant base of voters for whom such issues are of primary importance), as evidenced by their winning their races by over 15 percentage points each.

If anything, yesterday's results show that the key for the GOP to remain unified and win elections is to run as BOTH a fiscally AND a socially conservative party.

And just in case it wasn't completely obvious that social/cultural issues aren't losing issues, check out the results of the gay marriage referendum in Maine. Voters in Maine - that's MAINE, mind you; home to Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe - voted yesterday to repeal the state's recently enacted same-sex "marriage" law.

Yeah, "Allahpundit", whatever.

Deal Hudson highlights the genuine social conservative bona fides of yesterday's electoral victors:
... It's important, as well, that the GOP notes the kind of candidates who won in New Jersey and Virginia -- pro-life, pro-family, and aligned with religious conservative groups, both Catholic and Evangelical.

Bob McDonnell, the new governor of Virgina, is a bona fide religious conservative among Republicans, and a practicing Catholic who attended Notre Dame and who maintains strong ties to Evangelicals as a result of his Master's degree from Regent University.

The attempt of his Democratic opponent, Creigh Deeds, to smear McDonnell based upon his Regent's Master's thesis not only fell flat, it turned around and bit Deeds.

The new Virginia attorney general, Ken Cuccinelli, has been a Catholic pro-life GOP activist in northern Virginia for many years. His election is the product of Cuccinelli's decades-long effort of building a religious conservative coalition to back his candidacy. That coalition undoubtedly helped both McDonnell and Bill Bolling, the new Lieutenant Governor.


Bill Donohue of The Catholic Leagues says that last night was a "Big Night for Catholic Values".

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Pot ... Kettle

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At 11/04/2009 9:58 AM, Blogger Terry said...

I stick to Ed and some of the Green Room writers these days and often skip out on the comboxes altogether. It's the only way I can tolerate the place.

"Allahpundit" linking to the Daily Mail piece about "the Vatican" denouncing Halloween only so he could see the anti-Catholics come out of the woodwork was the last straw.

At 11/04/2009 10:06 AM, Blogger Paul Zummo said...

Ditto what terry said. In addition to Ed, I also like Doctor Zero - he always has great analysis.

At 11/04/2009 11:09 AM, Blogger Christine the Soccer Mom said...

The media is really pushing that McDonnell did not run on social issues, and that may be true, but we do know where he stands on abortion, etc., because he answered the surveys sent out. Deeds, on the other hand, would not answer, and one group just looked at a combination of past votes, public statements, and party platform to show that he (and the other two Dems running for state-wide office) were polar opposites of the Republicans. All three are on the record saying or voting in the past to repeal our marriage amendment (one man/one woman), all three were on record voting against/speaking against Kaine's laws on banning state funds to go to embryonic stem cell research. (Yes, our Dem. gov - the head of the DNC - signed that AND a bill allowing for "Choose Life" plates!)

It's typical of the Dems to ignore the requests for information from Catholic, Evangelical, and conservative groups for information on their stances on social issues, too. I've seen that party refuse to answer surveys for more than a decade now, and those of us who care look to see what they think.

So, yeah, McDonnell might not have run on social issues, but we know where he stands. He told us as much.

BTW, Travel Man and I met Ken at the K of C State Convention earlier in the year. He's a faithful Catholic Knight and a homeschooling father of 7. Homeschoolers are pretty happy with his election!


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