Monday, August 10, 2009

Virginia Democrat Stakes Gubernatorial Campaign on Killing Babies [UPDATED]

(Hat tip: Creative Minority Report)

RedState reports:
Politicians are usually known for kissing babies. But not R. Creigh Deeds. The Democrat candidate for Virginia governor is attacking Republican Bob McDonnell’s pro-life views in a desperate attempt to woo female voters and excite his liberal base. Tomorrow he will rally with NARAL to promote his pro-abortion position.

Deeds previewed his attack for the Washington Post, telling the newspaper, “I think it’s an area that shows a clear distinction between us.”

At a time when McDonnell is talking about Virginia’s ailing economy, transportation problems and education, it’s somewhat surprising that Deeds is embracing a divisive issue. It’s a gamble that even the liberal Post dubbed “risky.”

The previous two Democrat candidates for governor largely ignored social issues to focus on the economy and transportation. But neither Mark Warner nor current Gov. Tim Kaine faced the same kind of lackluster support that Deeds seems to be experiencing. A recent SurveyUSA poll put McDonnell ahead with a commanding 15-point advantage, including a 60% to 35% edge among self-described political independents.

McDonnell dismissed the abortion attack. His campaign circulated a memo from campaign chairman Ed Gillespie that said McDonnell’s “views on life are consistent with his faith and his belief that innocent life should be protected.” The memo also criticized Deeds for failing to put forward solutions on bread-and-butter issues...

My Comments:
For those unfamiliar with the politics of The Old Dominion, in a 32-year trend, the voters of the Commonwealth of Virginia have shown that they prefer to have a Governor from the opposing party of the occupant of The White House:
1976 Presidential race winner: Jimmy Carter (D)
1977 VA Governor race winner: John Dalton (R)

1980 Presidential race winner: Ronald Reagan (R)
1981 VA Governor race winner: Chuck Robb (D)

1984 Presidential race winner: Ronald Reagan (R)
1985 VA Governor race winner: Gerald Baliles (D)

1988 Presidential race winner: George H. W. Bush (R)
1989 VA Governor race winner: Douglas Wilder (D)

1992 Presidential race winner: Bill Clinton (D)
1993 VA Governor race winner: George Allen (R)

1996 Presidential race winner: Bill Clinton (D)
1997 VA Governor race winner: Jim Gilmore (R)

2000 Presidential race winner: George W. Bush (R)
2001 VA Governor race winner: Mark Warner (D)

2004 Presidential race winner: George W. Bush (R)
2005 VA Governor race winner: Tim Kaine (D)
This pattern does not bode well for the pro-abort Mr. Deeds.

Ramesh offers his take:
Democrat Creigh Deeds, down in the polls in the race for governor of Virginia, has decided to campaign against Republican Robert McDonnell for having spent too much time during his career trying to restrict abortion. Here are five reasons why this tactic is unlikely to work...

By the way, I'm currently visiting my old stomping grounds in Charlottesville, and I got a kick out of a campaign sign for Deeds (just like this one) that Sarah and I saw the other day:

LOL! Boy, THAT'S going to get him LOTS of votes. The only people likely to vote for Deeds on the basis of that sign are those who were already going to vote for him anyway. LOL!

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At 8/10/2009 3:58 PM, Anonymous Victor Morton said...

Actually, I don't think that sign is a bad idea, at least in Charlottesville, where u saw it, and in much of Northern Virginia. It'd be a bad idea in the Tidewater or the southwest, sure.

At 8/10/2009 8:41 PM, Blogger Jay Anderson said...


I still say that the only people likely to be impressed by a yard sign touting the Post's endorsement are the very people who were already going to vote for Deeds to begin with.


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