Monday, September 07, 2009

Fake Pro-Life Group Third Way Claims Health Care Bills Will Reduce Abortions

From LifeNews:
Washington, DC ( -- The fake pro-life group Third Way is pushing a disingenuous argument that the government-run health care plans Congress is considering would somehow reduce abortions even though it could open the door to funding hundreds of thousands of abortions annually.

Third Way is the coalition of liberal religious activists whose work is used as a cover to promote pro-abortion legislation and candidates like President Barack Obama.

Organizations such as Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good and Catholics United, which have both praised Obama and his pro-abortion record, have both formal and informal ties with Third Way.

Last week, the group sent copies of its analysis to members of Congress and their aides claiming the legislation will "have the ultimate effect of reducing the number of abortions in America."

"Reform would likely reduce the number of abortions through prevention and support," the group contends. "On prevention, the current health care reform package would extend coverage to over 2 million women who are in need of access to contraception, but are not insured or covered by Medicaid."

However, statistics from the United States and around the world show promoting contraception does not reduce abortions.

Third Way also contends "there is no reason to think that having insurance that covers abortion is a significant factor in a woman's decision to have an abortion."

Yet, analysis from University of Alabama political science professor Michael New show abortion funding limits result in the biggest abortion decline compared with other limits on abortions.

Dr. New’s regression analysis shows that state restrictions on Medicaid funding for abortions lead to 2.08 fewer abortions per 1000 women of childbearing age.

The federal government used taxpayer funds to pay for 300,000 abortions annually before the Hyde amendment was put in place to restrict abortion funding. As soon as funding from taxpayers from abortions was not available, the number of abortions decreased significantly.

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