Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Enough! No Protection of Life, No Health Care Plan

Jennifer Hartline writes at Catholic Online:
CHESAPEAKE, Va. (Catholic Online) - Enough is enough! Enough was actually enough a long time ago, but there can’t be any doubt all lines have been crossed. It is high time to draw a new line in the sand – a line that Catholics will never again cross. It is my position that Catholics who supported Obama made a grave mistake and the consequences may be catastrophic. It benefits no one to tread lightly here for fear of hurting people’s feelings – the truth is plainly obvious. President Obama simply could not have gotten to the White House without the Catholic vote. He skillfully exploited some Catholics to his great advantage. It’s time for folks to open their eyes to the bitter reality and make sure this never happens again.

On his third day in office he repealed the Mexico City policy and start sending money to other countries to help fund their abortions. The Democrat-controlled Congress is now attempting to pass an amendment that would codify Obama’s Executive Order and thereby prevent future presidents from ever reenacting the Mexico City policy.

In March, he lifted restrictions on federal funding of always deadly embryonic stem cell research.

He appointed Kathleen Sebelius to the Health and Human Services Department. Another Catholic who consistently protects abortion “rights”. She not only dissents from her Churches’ teaching but feeds the efforts to persuade confused Catholics that holding such a position is somehow “acceptable” when it simply is not. Under any Health Care Reform Plan she will have the job of “micromanaging” and deciding which health benefits are covered and which are not.

He rescinded an important conscience protection clause designed to protect doctors and medical providers from being forced to perform or participate in abortions against their will.

Now, under what is being presented as Health Care Reform, President Obama is trying to pass FOCA piece by piece by hiding it. The fact is Planned Parenthood will be one of the largest recipients of federal dollars under this Health Care Reform Plan...

President Obama insists he will defend the right to choose… as long as we all choose to expand access to abortion and fund it.

Does any of this sound like something Catholics should support? I say the answer is no, plain and simple. Yet, astonishingly, many still do. President Obama continues to enjoy the comfort and aid of many people and organizations bearing the name Catholic. Shame on them! How long shall we continue to bear this disgrace?

He highlights his kinship with Catholics in the area of “social justice” while denying the very foundation of all Catholic Social Justice - the dignity of every human person. He surrounds himself with Catholics who openly defy their Church on the issue of the dignity of every human person; he admits to the graduating class of a Catholic University that the two sides of the abortion debate are “irreconcilable”, has the audacity to tell Pope Benedict XVI that he will work to reduce abortion and then proceeds to attempt to ram government-funded-abortion-coverage health care reform through Congress by initially pressing for a vote before anyone could even read the bill, let alone voice an objection. That’s not leadership – that’s bullying. Fortunately, it did not work. This is proving to be a long, hot August.

The public outcry from all Catholics – bishops, priests, deacons, religious and laity – should be deafening. Abortion is not Health Care! We cannot be silent. We cannot be deceived any longer. I for one am tired of this President making a mockery of the foundation of Catholic Social Justice teaching and I’m out of patience for those Catholics who make it so easy for him. It’s time for a new Catholic Action. Now. Today. Enough is Enough! No Protection of Life, No Health Care Plan.

(emphasis in original)

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At 8/12/2009 6:29 AM, Blogger Ray mumme said...

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At 8/12/2009 12:59 PM, Blogger Tito Edwards said...

The "Catholic" left, left their faith outside the voting box.

At 8/13/2009 9:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The epidemic of persecution against the unborn citizens of the United States

Trampling the human rights of the unborn is much bigger than abortion and has been going on much longer than Roe v Wade, and in fact Roe v Wade is only the surface of our nation's systematic persecution and oppression of our nation's unborn citizens.

Here are just some of the other many ways that our government persecutes the unborn, and some of them make abortion look tame in comparison, so here they are...


Number of unborn citizens who voted in the last election? ZERO!
(And think, every Republican we've ever had run could have won hands down if the government didn't oppress the unborn!)

Number of unborn citizens who were counted in the last census? ZERO!
(Even slaves counted for three fifths of a person. Our unborn citizens? Zero fifths of a person!)

Number of unborn citizens who own property? ZERO!
(The government and the abortionist state within a state won't even allow them to own property!)

Number of unborn citizens who are in any political office in any level of government? ZERO!
(Not even on any city councils!)

Number of unborn citizens who are in the police force, fire department, etc.? ZERO!
(The government and the abortionist state within a state won't even allow them to work in the government!)

Number of unborn citizens who are in lobbying groups that the government responds to? ZERO!
(Why won't the government listen to our unborn?)

Number of unborn citizens who can obtain correspondences with our government? ZERO!
(The government refuses to listen to them! Why?)


Number of unborn citizens who are actors in major TV shows? ZERO!
(Come on! Even the disabled can become actors in major TV shows.)

Number of unborn citizens asked to participate in polls? ZERO!
(But we already know what their opinion would be on the government persecuting them.)

Number of unborn citizens who have news shows? ZERO!
(Not even on Fox News, and it's supposed to be "Fair and Balanced" too.)

Number of unborn citizens who participate in news shows, appear in crossfire-like panels, etc.? ZERO!
(They'd do better than the liberals in the LIBERAL MEDIA, that's for sure.)

Number of unborn citizens who are asked for their opinion, interviewed, talked to on the street on any news network, national or local? ZERO!
(We are being denied the right to know what their opinion is! Why?)

Number of unborn citizens who get books published by publishing companies? ZERO!
(Even Regnery Publishing is under the thumb of the abortionist state within a state and denies them their First Amendment rights.)

Number of unborn citizens who have articles published in newpapers and magazines? ZERO!
(LIBERAL MEDIA blocking the opinions of the unborn, it has to stop.)


Abortion and contraceptives are just a symptom in our nation's campaign of genocide against the unborn. Until the pro-life movement has a leader that can address the concerns listed above as well, then we will truly never win.


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