Thursday, June 25, 2009

15 Manly Smells

Courtesy of The Art of Manliness. An excellent list, which includes some topics we've discussed before here at Pro Ecclesia (and, for the record, I use Old Spice original scent).

Hat tip to The Cranky Conservative, with whom I concur that cigar smoke, contrary to what the author of the piece linked above opines, is fairly close to pipe smoke in the category of manly smells.



At 6/25/2009 1:34 PM, Blogger gordon gekko said...

C'mon this list is bogus if bacon isn't on it

At 6/25/2009 1:38 PM, Blogger Jay Anderson said...

I don't know ... the smell of bacon tends to remind me of my grandmother when she used to cook breakfast while we were visiting.

At 6/26/2009 12:03 AM, Anonymous BillyHW said...

They forgot ripe hockey equipment bag. Oh, yeah that's some sweet perfume right there.


At 6/26/2009 8:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ditto, Old Spice Original Scent...


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