Thursday, May 28, 2009

Saint of the Day: Blessed Maragret Pole

At Catholic Fire, Jean notes that today is the anniversary of the martyrdom of Blessed Margaret Pole, mother of Cardinal Reginald Pole (who eventually became the last Catholic Archbishop of Canterbury and, along with his cousin, Mary Tudor, would lead England's nearly successful Counter-Reformation).

Blessed Margaret and a number of other members of her family were beheaded out of spite because Cardinal Pole - who was living abroad on the Continent and preaching against Henry VIII's break with the Church - was beyond King Henry's reach.

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At 5/29/2009 12:25 PM, Blogger Anita Moore said...

May 28th is also the feast of others of England's witnesses to the faith, including -- by an amazing "coincidence" -- St. Augustine of Canterbury, the Apostle to the Anglo-Saxons.


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