Tuesday, February 24, 2009

As If We Didn't Already Know: Media Cohorts Expose Bill Moyers as Propagandist Hack

Ed Morrissey reports the details:
Apparently, a dam has burst among media figures regarding PBS scold Bill Moyers after last week’s Washington Post report that Moyers tried digging for homosexual dirt on LBJ aides. Suddenly, media analysts have lots of Moyers stories — and not the kind that make Moyers look any better. After reading Jack Shafer’s entry into Moyerama, which also includes a roundup of everyone else’s dishing, one has to wonder whether Moyers is as unpopular with his peers as he is with the rest of us ...

It casts Moyers as someone very comfortable with propaganda techniques, and that is very relevant, especially given Moyers’ long history as a documentarian/critic...

(emphasis added)

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