Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Digest of Today's Posts (3 September 2008)

  • Hey, Elitists! Y'all Got Y'all's Asses Kicked Tonight!

  • Whither the "Catholic Vote"? Some Interesting Posts at the Fidelis Blog

  • Robert Novak: "McCain Comes Through"

  • Wall Street Journal on Why the Media Bashes Gov. Palin: "The Beltway Boys" [UPDATED - Peggy Noonan hits it out of the park! UPDATED AGAIN - Peggy Noonan is just like all the other elitist snobs. What a fraud!]

  • Reactions to Palin Pick an Eye-Opener

  • Parents Sacrificing for Catholic Education

  • Did I Just Watch the Same Convention Speeches That the Pundits Did?

  • (Digest of Today's Posts (2 September 2008))



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