Thursday, August 28, 2008

Something Tells Me ...

... that St. Augustine's feast day is going to get a little more attention this year than it has in the past.

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At 8/28/2008 12:21 PM, Blogger Kyle R. Cupp said...

Another instance of God bringing good out of evil.

At 8/28/2008 1:09 PM, Blogger Flexo said...

Rather than letting political ideology be her driving force, which only blinds her, Miss Pelosi would do well to reflect on Augustine's pre-eminent search for truth throughout his life --

The soul is weak and helpless unless it clings to the firm rock of truth. Men give voice to their opinions, but they are only opinions, like so many puffs of wind that waft the soul hither and thither and make it veer and turn. The light is clouded over and the truth cannot be seen, although it is there before our eyes.
--Confessions, Book IV, ch. 14

At 8/28/2008 11:30 PM, Blogger Tito Edwards said...

I like how God works.


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