Saturday, July 19, 2008

Yesterday, I Saw the Vatican Splendors Exhibition

IMAGE OF CHRIST "The Mandylion of Edessa,"
the earliest known icon of Jesus, is on display
at the Western Reserve Historical Society as part of "Vatican Splendors,"
an exhibit featuring 200 priceless and rare items from the Vatican.

I took yesterday afternoon off from work in order to drive to Cleveland to see the Vatican Splendors Exhibition at the museum of The Western Reserve Historical Society. It was quite a rewarding experience

Included among the objects in the exhibit were a reliquary containing bones of Saint Peter, Bust of An Angel - a colorful mosaic attributed to the great 14th century painter Giotto, and the earliest representation of the face of Jesus, the Mandylion of Edessa (dating to circa 200-400 AD).

There was much, much more, with galleries organized thematically as follows: "Foundations of the Church"; "500 Years of the Vatican"; "The Work of the Pope"; and "Stories of the Popes".

As we were walking out of the museum, I told Sarah's aunt - who had accompanied me to see the exhibition - that the exhibition was one of the best ads for the Catholic Church that I had seen in a long time. If you live within a few hours drive of Cleveland, I highly recommend that you try to see Vatican Splendors.

Madonna del Sassoferrato, oil on copper,
a painting by Giovanni Battista Salvi (known as il Sassoferrato),
has never been displayed outside the Vatican.
Craig Litten / AP

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At 7/22/2008 1:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My parish, Akron St. Bernard, and its K of C Council, is organizing a bus excursion on 8/9 - we greatly look forward to attending! Your review makes me anticipate it all the more - thanks for your thoughts!


At 8/26/2008 12:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I and a couple of friends attended this exibition yesterday. They are both lifelong Catholics, I am not. I mention this only for those who may be thinking - "well, I'd have no interest since I'm not Catholic." NOT SO! Anyone interested in history - especially if you are a Christian - will find this exhibit amazing and awe-inspiring. If you don't walk away from this feeling moved, you weren't paying attention. This is a must see event. However, since it ends soon, tickets are selling out.


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