Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Two Can Play at That Game: "I'm Voting [Fill in the Blank] Because ..."

"I'm voting Republican because ..."

(Hat tip: Feddie)

As Feddie notes, "classy". Well, two can play at that game:

"I'm voting Democrat because ..."

"... I want to make sure this becomes legal again."

(Hat tip: BillyHW)

The problem is that neither party can exactly claim the moral high ground (which is why I'm in "a pox on both your houses" mode this election season), but it takes particular chutzpah for the party advocating abortion on demand up until the very moment of birth (and, in the case of Obama, even afterwards) to try to do so.

And notice how the Dem commercial shows an "evangelical leader" proclaiming that women "can't be trusted" to make their own "health care" decisions? Yeah, the purveyors of the above crap don't have the guts to put those words in the mouth of a Catholic bishop, even though the Church has been at the forefront of the pro-life movement (and, yes, the Bishops DO advocate for the outlawing of abortion) even before the evangelicals got on board.

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At 7/02/2008 11:17 AM, Blogger Terry said...

Because we love cheap plastic crap from China...



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