Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Obama’s Laughable Judicial Philosophy: His Ridiculous Response to McCain's Speech on the Judiciary

Ed Morrissey reports:

Continuing the conversation on judicial nominations, Rudy Giuliani appeared on Fox yesterday to review John McCain’s Wake Forest speech. He gave McCain high marks, but laughed out loud at Barack Obama’s response. Giuliani questioned whether the constitutional law professor even knows what role judges are supposed to play and the difference between the judiciary and the legislature:
KELLY: It’s funny you should mention that, Mr. Mayor, because Barack Obama in a statement responding to John McCain’s point today said and I quote, “Barack Obama has always believed that our court should stand up for social and economic justice, and what’s truly elitist is to appoint judges who will protect the powerful and leave ordinary Americans to fend for themselves.”

Why the laughter?

GIULIANI: Well, the laughter because that is not what a judge in the American legal system is supposed to do. That is not a really responsible definition of a judge. The judge is supposed to interpret the law. And the law is written by other people. It’s written by members of the Congress. It’s written by framers of the Constitution. It’s written by the people when they amend the Constitution...***
In our earlier threads, some of our commenters insisted that there would be no difference between McCain and Obama on judicial appointments. Obama himself made the difference clear; he wants judges who would impose social policy rather than interpret and enforce existing law. This makes sense from a legislator who has done nothing to propose social policy in his three years in the Senate. He would rather take the shortcut on which liberal activists have grown to rely when they realize that their radical plans have little chance of success in the legislative process...
(emphasis added)

My Comments:
What do you expect from a man who, in criticizing the Supreme Court's ruling upholding the ban on partial-birth abortion, said this about how he would go about nominating a Supreme Court Justice:

"We need somebody who's got the empathy to recognize what it's like to be a young teen-aged mom," he said.
You know, so the Court could understand what it's like to be "punished with a baby", and vote accordingly to ensure that abortion-on-demand is the supreme law of the land.

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