Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Norwalk Catholic School's Mrs. Cindy McLaughlin Announced as a Golden Apple Award Recipient by Diocese of Toledo

Announced at the Norwalk Catholic School website:
Mrs. Cindy McLaughlin has just been announced as a Golden Apple Award Recipient by the Diocese of Toledo.

Mrs. McLaughlin teaches the Young Five's Class at the Early Childhood Center at Norwalk Catholic School. She has also developed the Good Shepherd religious formation program for all the students in preschool thru kindergarten at the Early Childhood Center.
My Comments:
Mrs. McLaughlin was Jamie's pre-K (Young Five's) teacher last year, and she really helped him advance a lot in that year he was in her class (especially in light of the fact that he was a "Young Four" rather than a Young Five).

Mrs. McLaughlin is currently Jamie's religion teacher in the Good Shepherd Program that she created for the Norwalk Catholic School Early Childhood Center. That once-a-week class is Jamie's favorite. Mrs. McLaughlin is one of the teachers who recently remarked that Jamie is destined for the priesthood.

Congratulations on this much-deserved award, Mrs. McLaughlin!

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