Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Roman Christendom: "Whatever Happened to the Good Old Working Man?"

Forget "bitter". Tribunus argues at Roman Christendom that the "good old working man" is practically extinct:
... He got rubbed out of history as being no longer desirable or fashionable to the modern world.

And who rubbed him out?

His supposed best "comrade", the Socialist Left - that's who!

The Left began by extolling the virtues of the ordinary, working man but all the while they were planning his extinction.

And whenever Marxists took control of the government they literally "rubbed out" millions of ordinary working men and their families by mass slaughter. So much for the great champions of the working class! In reality, Marxism has ever been the darling of the lazy, stupid, prostituted, ne'er-do-well or egoistic members of the middle and upper classes who wanted to pose as salon revolutionaries and champagne Bolsheviks for their chic, rich friends and to climb up the greasy pole by the cheat's quick route rather than by hard work.

But it has ever been the ordinary working man who has had to pay for these revolutionary poseurs and hypocrites - often with his very life.

[Read the whole thing]
I think there's plenty of blame to go around across the political spectrum as to why the working class has been squeezed into virtual extinction. But I take Tribunus' point that those who generally appoint themselves as defenders of the working man often hold such folks and their values in contempt.

And I love the way Tribunus, who is English, describes that American blue-collar icon, the so-called "Boss":
Phoney, modern "working class" frauds include screaming, rock-ape billionaires like Bruce Springsteen. Working class? Who's he kidding!
LOL! Never much of a fan, I've always thought the same thing. And Springsteen's endorsement of elitist phonies like Kerry and Obama who look down their noses at "blue-collar values" gives lie to the image of the working class champion that he's created for himself. When the rest of blue-collar America is on the Hillary! bandwagon but Bruce goes with the guy being touted by university students and professors and various other members of the lefty upper crust, and who, apparently, can't buy a vote in the Rust Belt, there's a clear disconnect.

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