Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Mighty Casey Has Struck Out" [UPDATED]

Over at The Corner, Kathryn Jean Lopez nominates a "Biggest Loser" from the results of the Pennsylvania Primary:
... Senator Casey. Wasn't he supposed to work wonders for Obama?
David Freddoso responds:
Amen to that, Kathryn. Practicing Pennsylvania Catholics (weekly massgoers, by the canonical definition) made up 17 percent of the vote in the Democratic primary. They went 71 to 28 percent for Hillary over Obama. Non-practicing Catholics made up 18 percent of the Democratic vote, and they went for Hillary 65 to 35 percent. Casey was in charge of Obama's Catholic outreach.
My Comments:
I'm not sure this is bad news for Casey Jr. in the long run, though. Obama's poor result in Pennsylvania among Catholic voters may convince him that, should he win the nomination, he needs to add Casey Jr. to his ticket in order to keep Pennsylvania in the "blue state" column against McCain.

Deal Hudson weighs in at InsideCatholic with "PA Catholic Voters Go for Clinton, Big Time!".

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At 4/23/2008 1:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe this, beyond perhaps reminding Barry O that he needs Casey, or someone similar, on his ticket, will open Casey's eyes to the fact that he needs to follow in his father's footsteps by being less complacent, by actively trying to change the party, rather than hiding behind clichés such as "prudential judgment" in defending his support of anypro-choice Dem, Catholic or not.

At 4/23/2008 2:51 AM, Blogger Tito said...

I'm losing more and more faith in Casey Jr. every day, especially after his sign off on embryonic stem cell research and then endorsing Obama.

Hopefully his future trappings have been squashed by his association and endorsement of the son of Moloch.

At 4/23/2008 8:36 AM, Blogger Jeff Miller said...

Well considering the Catholic turnout was much lower than expected for Democrats - 19 percent - maybe not.

At 4/23/2008 9:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Neither Mr. Casey nor, Mr. Rendal delivered their respective traditional counties to their candidates.


At 4/23/2008 8:37 PM, Blogger Christian said...

Well, I'm from Casey's neck of the woods in North East PA, and I can tell you that his violation of his prior public statement that he would not pick sides as late as St. Patrick's Day, is reall hurting him. He was not able to deliver A SINGLE PRECINCT IN HIS HOME COUNTY. In Fact, in NE PA Obama was slaughtered almost 2 -1. IN Luzerne County it was about 19,300 to 5,000 I believe.

Casey's got about four more years, but I can tell you he has a lot of trouble brewing in his own back yard over this.


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