Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Casey Jr. Defends Obama's "Punished With a Baby" Remark

(Hat tip: Dave Hartline at The Catholic Report)

From Meet the Press:
... MR. RUSSERT: "Punished with a baby." Is that an appropriate word?

SEN. CASEY: Well, I--look, you can talk about better word choice, but what he's talking about is something he, as he always is, he's being very honest. He's honest about the idea that if a, if a teenage girl has a baby, that is a terrible burden and it's difficult. And I think he's responding...

MR. RUSSERT: But it's not a, it's not a punishment.

SEN. CASEY: No, I think he's talking about the burden. He's talking about the burden there. But here, here's the thing. If you listen to that whole answer, it showed again why he's a leader. He talked about approaching these issues in a different way. Usually on these tough issues, people in Washington fight with each other, they point fingers at each other. Barack Obama's going to be the kind of president who'll be honest about differences, respect people that disagree with him but also try to reach a common ground. I think he's demonstrated that on issue after issue. And, again, it's about being a strong leader. Not having the loudest voice, but I think being a strong leader.

MR. RUSSERT: But he should not have used the word "punished."

SEN. CASEY: I think if he had answered that question again, he would--he'd, he'd use different words. But I think the point he was trying to make was a very important point, that we've got to remember that if a teenage girl has a baby, it's usually, in most instances, a difficult burden...
My Comments:
Kudos to Tim Russert for asking the question. And I think Mr. Casey puts the best possible spin on Obama's remarks, although I completely disagree with his nonsensical assertion that Obama's remarks show "leadership" or a willingness to reach "common ground" on the abortion issue. Certainly, we can all agree that teenagers having children out of wedlock is not the ideal situation, and is indeed a "burden". I'm willing to give Obama the benefit of the doubt that he was speaking off the cuff and doesn't really view having a child as a "punishment".

But, given Obama's record on the abortion issue, one can't really blame those who have drawn the opposite conclusion and who have sought to make political hay out of his "slip of the tongue".

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At 4/08/2008 12:13 PM, Blogger Literacy-chic said...

And this is a "different" way of looking at things how? It is, of course, a completely new and innovative thing to say that a baby is a "burden" much less a "punishment." It is a real indication of leadership that Obama thinks that young people shouldn't be "punished" by being made to face up to the consequences of their own actions. Ooof. How about a leader who thinks that good can come even of our mistakes? And that with life, there is hope? THAT would be revolutionary.

At 4/08/2008 4:41 PM, Blogger Donald R. McClarey said...

Yes! Imagine if he said that males who impregnate women need to take responsibility by supporting the child and marrying the woman, if she'll have him. That when a baby is brought into the equation both mom and dad need to stop thinking about themselves and start thinking about the child they have created. That truly could be the start of a "new politics" in this country. However such a statement would take vision and courage, and Obama, as with most politicians, seems to have a shortage of these qualities.

At 4/08/2008 7:50 PM, Blogger RobK said...

Casey doesn't get it. There is no common ground on this one. That is the entire problem with voting for Bob Casey or anyone like him. He really doesn't get what being pro-life means.

One cannot really be a pro-lifer and an Obama apologist.

At 4/09/2008 7:22 AM, Blogger Kyle R. Cupp said...

Has Obama himself revised his statement?


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