Sunday, March 04, 2007

Catholics in Alliance Respond With Letter to Editor

The organization that proudly brought you the shameless defense of Edwards, Marcotte, and McEwan (sounds like the name of an ambulance-chasing law firm) is back in the news here at Pro Ecclesia.

Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good have finally responded to all the letters to the editor that the Catholic Chronicle has received taking issue with CACG and the "Vote Your Values" story the Chronicle ran just days prior to the November elections. Here's the text of CACG's letter to the editor, which appears in the March issue of the Catholic Chronicle:
Let me use this letter as a way to thank Richard Gaillardetz, Ph.D., for the keynote he presented at the Oct. 18, 2006, panel discussion sponsored by the Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good.

From the letters to the editor over the last few months, we might forget the service he provided the Catholic community in speaking to the broader life issues that affect the decisions of "faithful citizens."

The priority of the life and death issue of abortion is well known and accepted in the Catholic community. Its spokespersons and advocates are well represented in many forums. Immigration, environmental issues, violence, peace and fair and just wages expand the spectrum of life issues for consideration by the faithful and deserve a hearing.

All of these issues affect our ability, all of us, to live healthy, whole and holy lives as intended by God; they provide a platform for a broad conversation on life-threatening issues that need to be discussed by faithful citizens.

It is good for us to continue the conversation, and our education, on these key issues and others as well. By starting from a common base of prayer and fasting and acceptance of our search to be faithful to the life saving and life giving message of the Gospel, we can through conversation move toward a realization that the faithful of God are a people for life.

Edward C. Hoover
Josie Setzler
Catholics in Alliance for the
Common Good Committee


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